Youth soccer, educational field trips, the arts—these are just a few of the areas we support through our grants programs.

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our legacy of giving continues

national and local giving

Being a good neighbor is a big part of our philosophy. One of the ways we connect with the communities where we do business is through local giving. Each year, Target grants help K-12 schools and nonprofit organizations by providing support for educational field trips and funds for what they need the most.

We know communities thrive when the arts are affordable and accessible, so we also sponsor free and reduced-cost admission at museums and cultural institutions across the country, opening their doors to more children and their families.

Target Foundation grants

Target Fo​undation Arts grants, Twin Cities, MN
Our Arts grants are awarded to programs and organizations that make arts and cultural experiences accessible and affordable for the Minneapolis-St. Paul community.

Check back in 2018 for more details on the application process.

Target Foundation Social Services grants, Twin Cities, M​N
Our Social Services grants are awarded to programs and organizations that directly provide food and shelter to Twin Cities communities and local at-risk families.

Check back April 1 at noon CST to apply.

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public safety grants

Creating safe and secure neighborhoods for our guests as well as our team members is important to us. That’s why we provide Public Safety Grants to partners and organizations across the country.

kids having fun on a field trip

education grants

Throughout the year, our stores provide education grants to local K-12 schools to support educational field trips. Learning opportunities extend far beyond the classroom, but it’s becoming more difficult for schools to fund trips to museums, historical sites and other cultural destinations. Since 2007, our Target Field Trip™ grants program has made it possible for millions of students to go on a field trip.

Check back Aug. 1 at noon CST to apply.

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Target youth soccer grants

Target is committed to increasing access to soccer for youth across the country. The Target youth soccer grant program provides support for player registration fees, player and field equipment, and training and professional development for volunteer coaches.

Check back Aug. 1 at noon CST to apply.

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  • Without the support of our parents and donors like Target, we wouldn’t be able to continue the program.