civic activity

We believe sharing our expertise and resources with policy makers will lead to better decisions for our communities and our business. Here’s how we join in the conversation.

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public policy

We’re a global company, so taking part in legislative and public policy activity helps us stay connected and share our voice on the issues that matter. We work with elected officials from all political parties on policies that will improve our business and communities.

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political engagement

Every year, legislators vote on thousands of proposals that potentially affect our guests, team members, shareholders and communities. These issues touch all aspects of our business, like how we run our stores, which products we sell, and even how our teams interact. By joining together in the political process and supporting candidates who share our business philosophies, our voice is stronger in the public policy debates that can determine our success and ability to improve the communities we serve.

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issue advocacy

We play many roles, from retailer and credit-card issuer to health-care provider and employer, so we believe in sharing that expertise with policy makers whenever we can. We take part in discussions at all levels of government through think tanks, nongovernmental organizations and trade associations.

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