While many of Target’s benefits are listed here, team member eligibility for these benefits varies and may be based on average hours worked, location and length of service at Target.

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training & development resources

Target empowers team members to strengthen their skills to thrive in their job and grow professionally. We offer a variety of experiences, including position-based training, learning groups, certifications, and self-paced resources and professional development courses focused on topics like communication, cultural awareness and 6Sigma methodologies.

recognition programs

At Target, we know it’s essential to have a job you love, and to be recognized in a meaningful way for the great work you do. We have a variety of formal and informal ways to celebrate accomplishments and applaud hard work and excellent results.

Team Member LifeResources

With Team Member LifeResources, team members and their households can get free, confidential counseling, support and information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether team members are looking to improve their workplace relationships, hone presentation skills or go back to school, Team Member LifeResources can help.

leadership development programs

Target is invested in setting its current and future leaders up for success. Numerous offerings, from entry-level leader courses to senior leadership development programs, help leaders understand themselves better so they can lead their teams and the business more effectively.

career planning

Because team members are one of Target’s most valuable assets, we encourage career planning and development that empowers team members to do the work they love and reach their career goals. Tools and resources help team members explore career paths, expand skill sets, and plan their future at Target.

tuition reimbursement

Furthering your career sometimes means furthering your education. The Target Tuition Reimbursement Program helps eligible team members pay for job-related courses at accredited technical schools, colleges or universities.


Target’s OnBoarding program is a personalized approach meant to connect new team members to Target, their team and their work. Recognizing that the first six months in a new role really matter, we want everyone to thrive and add value from the start.

coaching and mentoring

Target focuses on coaching and mentoring to help team members become more self-aware, expand their professional network, facilitate personal development and support their career plan.

GED reimbursement

Team members receive reimbursement for costs associated with obtaining a General Education Development (GED).