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Our success is interdependent with the prosperity of the communities we serve. As part of Target Forward, Target and the Target Foundation are committed to engaging with communities to co-create community-driven solutions and philanthropic strategies that drive community impact.

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Anchored to Target’s purpose, Target’s community impact, engagement and philanthropy show up in three ways, and work together to support our Target Forward vision to co-create an equitable and regenerative future with our guests, partners and communities.

Corporate citizenship

Our corporate citizenship efforts are those fundamental initiatives that fulfill the role we play as a responsible corporate citizen. We support communities in moments of need, and that generates brand love among our guests and team. 

Target Foundation

The Target Foundation invests in systems change efforts to achieve a more equitable future for all. The Target Foundation’s practice of leading-edge philanthropy serves as a learning lab to shift and transform the systems that create greater equity and opportunity and will play a role in accelerating progress toward aspects of Target Forward goals and ambitions.

Community vitality

Through Target Forward, we will unlock aligned and integrated community-driven solutions and philanthropic strategies to accelerate progress toward achieving our sustainability commitments and goals. 

This builds on our long history of community support including a philanthropic commitment to giving 5% of our profits to communities in cash, products, and through the Target Foundation, an industry-leading track record of team member engagement and volunteerism, and a commitment to use our size, scale and business to positively impact communities. 

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REACH efforts that support community impact

Target is committed to co-creating an equitable future for all, delivering on our Target Forward strategy to help everyone thrive. As part of our Racial Equity Action and Change (REACH) commitments, we are finding new ways to support Black communities across the country. 

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Impacting the resilience and vitality of local communities

We are truly changing the way we approach our giving and our engagement at the community level, leaning into a deep commitment to listening and learning, and bringing the tools, programming and supports of our business that are customized, bespoke and responsive to what our communities are telling us they need most.

  • Small business support: Listening to our team members and community last year showed us there was a mutual appetite for support beyond financial resources. Our pro bono program builds the capacity of Black, Indigenous and business owners of color by empowering our team members to direct their capabilities and expertise towards grassroots engagement that bolsters local economies. We’ve invested over 10,000 hours to date.
  • Coronavirus response: Our efforts to ensure equitable access to vaccines allowed us to rapidly meet the shifting community needs and values in times of crisis. While recognizing that the coronavirus was a global and national crisis, we also mobilized and deployed resources to local, community-based organizations across the United States who were able to quickly and effectively respond to the demands from their communities.
  • Community-driven solutions: Our on-the-ground teams partner with trusted community organizations to respond to community needs and concerns across the country. One example is when the team at store T-1507 noticed its community in Richmond, California, struggling to support the growing population of people without housing near their store. In response, they partnered with local nonprofit Collaborising, and together they identified service providers and partner organizations, and designed a day-long effort to support the unhoused population living near the store. With community partners, Target team member volunteers cleaned up debris around the encampment and handed out over $500 in gift cards for residents to buy food, personal care items, first aid kits and much more. The encampment residents responded, with many — despite previously declining to accept counseling services — choosing to talk with a nonprofit team of mental health and substance abuse professionals for short- and long-term support.

Our history

Learn more about our history of community engagement by browsing the Community topic in our history timeline.


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