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Target is proud to serve guests in all 50 states, and we’re dedicated to the long-term success of communities across the country. As the challenges and opportunities facing today’s workforce continue to evolve, we’re taking action to help our neighbors grow and thrive. That’s why the Target Foundation is committed to building financial stability and security, by prioritizing programs and initiatives that explore new tools and services that enable individuals to adapt to the changing nature of work.

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Grants and initiatives

The Target Foundation prioritizes investments that explicitly center equity, with a focus on organizations working to address the specific systemic and structural barriers facing Black communities, Indigenous communities and other communities of color.

Through our national program, the Target Foundation invests in organizations that serve communities with programs focused on:

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The changing nature of work

Equipping individuals with limited income with the support, resources and opportunities for mobility needed to achieve their full potential in a rapidly changing economy.

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Financial resilience and inclusion

Supporting low-income workers and families in attaining financial stability and security, imbuing a sense of self-efficacy, control and dignity over their financial lives.


Investments through this program are made by invitation only. However, we recognize there is great work being done by organizations that may be unfamiliar to our team. If you believe your work aligns with our commitment and would like us to know about it, please share more about your organization and programs via a National General Information Form. Thank you!

National grantee spotlight

Prosperity Now 

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“I am beyond thrilled to partner with the Target Foundation to explore innovative ways to build ecosystems of support in communities of color. This work will allow us to reframe our understanding of how to support financial security and wealth building in communities across the country.”



We’re proud to support Prosperity Now, a national nonprofit intermediary organization that brings together policy, programs, research and field building work to ensure that everyone in the U.S. has a path to financial stability, wealth and prosperity. 

Prosperity Now works to tackle financial insecurity from all angles, including working with service providers to assess their approaches and practices in securing financial stability for their low-income and low-wealth clients. Additionally, it develops, tests and scales proven approaches to building wealth and conducting cutting-edge research on strategies that provide financial empowerment for low- and moderate-income families. It also collaborates with like-minded nonprofits and think tanks across the country to ensure everyone can prosper. 

The Target Foundation’s grant is being used over two years to support Prosperity Now’s strategic efforts to respond to the growing financial insecurity of low-income as well as Black communities, Indigenous communities and communities of color (BIPOC) in the U.S. Prosperity Now is engaging in a multi-phased approach to the effort. It will include conducting research to listen to and engage with marginalized communities, and the service providers who work to support them, about their experience with the financial security ecosystem and then exploring opportunities to work across sectors. 

Using insights from the community-centered research, the nonprofit then will develop an agenda for how institutions and organizations can alter the ecosystem in a way that addresses the shortcomings low-income and BIPOC communities experience; amplify the grassroots strategies that work; and ultimately, build a pathway to financial security for millions of people adapting to the rapidly changing economic landscape.