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The Target Foundation is committed to improving economic opportunities for families in emerging economies to sustain themselves and their communities for the long term.

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Through our global program, the Target Foundation invests in organizations that are building the capacity of people and communities to create livelihood opportunities that sustain long-term prosperity for families in emerging economies. 

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Access to opportunity

Equip organizations and systems with the capacity to create sustainable economic opportunity for families.

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Financial access and inclusion

Enable access to financial solutions that help families maintain and grow their assets to promote economic resilience.

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Community empowerment

Equip people and communities with the tools and knowledge needed to solve their problems and shape the institutions touching their lives.


Investments through this program are made by invitation only. However, we recognize there is great work being done by organizations that may be unfamiliar to our team. If you believe your work aligns with our commitment and would like us to know about it, please share more about your organization and programs via a Global General Information Form. Thank you!

Global grantee spotlight


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"I am so grateful to the Target Foundation for their support to J-PAL’s Gender and Economic Agency Initiative, which has been critical to our efforts of ensuring policies and strategies designed to promote women's economic empowerment are informed by scientific evidence."



We’re proud to support J-PAL and its work to reduce poverty by ensuring that policy is informed by scientific evidence.

Funded through the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), J-PAL is a global research center anchored by a network of more than 260 affiliated professors at universities around the world. J-PAL conducts randomized impact evaluations to answer critical questions in the fight against poverty. It believes investing in rigorous research is essential to finding solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

The Target Foundation’s grant supports J-PAL's Gender and Economic Agency Initiative (GEA). The funding enables GEA to support rigorous research, evidence synthesis and dissemination, and critical policy engagement on women's economic opportunity in regions like Central America, South Asia and Southeast Asia. GEA’s efforts enable decisionmakers to understand and implement effective approaches to drive system-level change to advance women's economic opportunity through: 

  • A deepened understanding of the most effective strategies to enhance women's economic opportunity through the generation of rigorous evidence.
  • A stronger base of policy-relevant insights to drive programming, strategy, policymaking, and public discourse related to women's economic opportunity.
  • Context specific policy engagement to drive sustainable change that improves lives.

Partner spotlight: Ashoka

The Target Foundation is proud to support our partners at Ashoka.

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