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Responsible Purchasing Practices

We are committed to pursuing responsible purchasing practices that help us act as a fair business partner. We have therefore set a goal to formally evaluate the way we do business with those who manufacture our products. 

Through our partnership with Better Buying™, a nonprofit organization focused on improving purchasing practices throughout the global supply chain, we annually assess the impact of our purchasing practices on supplier sustainability through a financial, environmental and social lens. We leverage this assessment to better understand how our day-to-day purchasing practices are affecting our suppliers, their workers and the environment. 

In 2022, in partnership with Better Buying™, we rolled out a new educational training course to help commercial teams understand what purchasing practices are, why they are essential and how decisions can impact workers worldwide. In the year ahead, we will continue to deepen our relationships with new and existing partners to achieve our ambitions. Learn more about our focus areas for this work at target.com/targetforward