Governance & Reporting

We believe a company can only make transformative progress when it measures performance. We are committed to transparently sharing our progress with stakeholders, as we work toward co-creating a more equitable and regenerative future together with our team, guests, partners and communities.

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Our aim is for all stakeholders — from our team and partners to the communities we serve -— to be engaged and involved in our commitments and goals.

Reporting & progress

Beginning with a strategy and investments for the environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics that are most important to our business and our stakeholders, we work against measurable goals and are committed to ensuring our stakeholders are informed and engaged with our progress. This includes providing important updates within our annual Corporate Responsibility Report, in addition to other more frequent reporting and proof of milestones achieved.

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Target’s Business Partner Code of Conduct

It's our mission to make sure everything we source is produced ethically and in accordance with all applicable laws, international standards and our policies. We expect suppliers* to participate in Target’s Responsible Sourcing Program, which includes complying with our Standards of Vendor Engagement (SOVE), as well as participating in our comprehensive responsible sourcing audit process.

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Corporate governance

Target believes transparency and strong corporate governance practices reflecting the rights, roles and responsibilities of our shareholders, Board of Directors and management establish the foundation for effectively serving all our stakeholders. Our Executive Leadership played an important role in developing Target Forward and continues to lead efforts to meet its specific, time-bound goals. Our Board of Directors provides oversight of the different ESG matters that are involved in our business, including those related to Target Forward.

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Public policy & civic engagement

Target is built on a foundation of democracy and we believe it is important that everyone’s voice be heard. We have long encouraged active participation in public policy and civic affairs. We believe it’s important to use our size and scale to lend our voice to the public policy issues that affect our business and the community.

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*Includes all vendors, suppliers, third-party sellers, manufacturers, contractors, subcontractors and their agents.

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Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics guides our team’s decision-making and helps us draw on shared values to bring our purpose to life.

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Workforce diversity reporting

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion encompasses an annual disclosure about the composition of our workforce.

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