Governance & Reporting

Target’s governance and reporting efforts include engaging Target stakeholders in our environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities and reporting regularly on our actions and progress. We maintain strong corporate governance practices that apply to Target’s conduct, requiring our business partners and suppliers to comply with our Business Partner Code of Conduct and responsible sourcing guidelines. And we advocate for our team members, guests and communities through our public policy and civic engagement efforts. 

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To achieve transformative change, we believe Target must carefully manage and measure our performance against tangible goals and publicly report on our progress, challenges and opportunities. Staying accountable for our actions and impact is how we maintain the trust of our suppliers, guests, team members, shareholders and partners. 

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ESG priorities & stakeholder engagement 

Target seeks to focus our strategy, investments, engagement and reporting on the priority ESG topics that we believe are the most relevant to our business and our stakeholders. These priorities guide our actions in a cohesive, compelling and risk-minded manner.

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Reporting & progress

Target remains focused on staying accountable to our goals, and we believe transparency is key to maintaining and building trust with our stakeholders. We provide important updates on our priority ESG topics within our annual ESG Report, in addition to other more frequent updates.

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Target’s Business Partner Code of Conduct

It's our mission to make sure everything we source is produced ethically and in accordance with all applicable laws, international standards and our policies. That’s why we require all of our domestic and international business partners and suppliers* to read, understand and comply with our Business Partner Code of Conduct (BPCC).  

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Corporate governance

Target believes transparency and strong corporate governance practices reflecting the rights, roles and responsibilities of our shareholders, Board of Directors and management establish the foundation for effectively serving all our stakeholders. Target’s corporate governance practices provide the framework for oversight of our sustainability and ESG strategy, including Target Forward, and different ESG matters that are involved in our business.  

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Public policy & civic engagement

At Target, we believe that an engaged civic community is key to a healthy business and a healthy democracy. We believe in encouraging all eligible citizens to vote, and in sharing our expertise and resources with policymakers to ultimately drive better decisions for our guests, our communities and our business. 

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Responsible sourcing & sustainability 

Target is committed to a sustainable and inclusive supply chain that is just and equitable for all workers. We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards and we expect our business partners to do the same, including complying with our Standards of Vendor Engagement (SOVE), and participating in our comprehensive responsible sourcing audit process. 

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*Includes all vendors, suppliers, third-party sellers, manufacturers, contractors, subcontractors and their agents.

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics guides our team’s decision-making and helps us draw on shared values to bring our purpose to life.

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Workforce diversity reporting

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion encompasses an annual disclosure about the composition of our workforce.

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