Animal-Derived Raw Material Product Standards

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Overall expectations

  • We only allow for the use of animal-derived raw materials when those animals can be farmed in a way that enables them to have a good quality of life as defined by the Five Freedoms1.
  • We expect that our suppliers only use skins, down and feathers from animals bred for food and that are a derivative of the food market. 
  • Where available, we expect our suppliers using animal-derived raw materials to use robust traceability and animal welfare assurance schemes. 

1 We believe that every animal deserves to be:

  • Free from hunger and thirst.
  • Free from discomfort.
  • Free of pain, injury or disease.
  • Free to express normal behavior. 
  • Free from fear and distress.

For their entire lifetime, including:

  • Birth.
  • Growth/rearing/breeding.
  • When feeding, watering or sheltering.
  • Transport.
  • Slaughter.

Owned brand animal-derived raw material product standards

Category Prohibited Additional Requirements, if used Better Options


Angora hair


Alpaca wool

Whiskers/Hair/Bristles derived from wild animals and/or non-food markets

Wool: When wool is used, it must be non-mulesed

Whiskers/Hair: When used, it must only be derived from food supply chain

Wool: Use Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) where possible

Wool: Recycled wool preferred where possible


Leather derived from wild animals

Leather: For products in which leather is the primary component, all leather must be derived from the food industry. This includes uses of rawhide and hair on hide**

Leather: Recycled leather preferred where possible

Feathers derived from wild animals and/or non-food markets

Down: All products containing feathers must be certified by the Responsible Down Standard (RDS)

Other feathers: If used, feathers may only be derived from food supply chain
Down: Recycled down preferred where possible

Bone/horn derived from wild animals and/or non-food markets

Bone/horn: If used, bone/horn may only be derived from food supply chain  

*Fur definition: A thick growth of hair that covers the skin of an animal.

**Hair on hide definition: Tanned leather skins which have not had follicles of hair removed.