Target’s Statement on the New Britain School Supply Drive

  • Aug 14, 2020

Target has been a proud member of the New Britain, Connecticut, community since our store opened 20 years ago. We bring our legacy of giving and service in every community where we operate, which in New Britain has included participating in the police department’s school supply drive for many years. Because of our commitment to this community, we’d like to clarify misinformation being reported about the annual school supply drive.

Last Saturday, a group of police officers and volunteers were collecting donations outside our store for the drive, which in the past was always coordinated in advance with our store leadership team. When our team saw the group collecting donations, and wasn’t aware the drive was going to take place that day, we asked for more information. An officer asked our team if they should leave, and we said yes so we could work with them to coordinate the drive together at another time.

We spoke with the New Britain Police Department on Monday and Mayor Stewart’s office on Wednesday to clarify what happened, express our continued support for the school supply drive and arrange for them to come back to the store this weekend. Additionally, our manager did not, at any time during the conversation, express a lack of support for law enforcement. And as we have for many years, we contributed a gift card and school supplies for this great cause. We’re sorry that this situation has caused frustration in the community and took attention away from the supply drive.