Small Changes, Big Impact: Our First Documentary Offers an Inside Look at Target’s Commitment to Inclusive Design

  • May 18, 2020

Bringing joy to all of our guests and their families—that’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. For many on Target’s product design teams, that means researching and creating more inclusive products, from sensory-friendly apparel for kids to adaptive Halloween costumes.

The inclusive approach to design at Target is part of a much larger story about how the design industry is evolving, creating better solutions that meet the needs of more people, of more abilities. It’s the inspiration behind our first documentary film, “Design for All,” produced by RadicalMedia, which celebrates this approach through the eyes of three people whose lives—and the lives of those around them—it has directly changed.

“Design and Inclusivity have each been a part of the Target brand DNA. And when we’re able to combine them, by using design as the path to achieve greater forms of inclusivity, this becomes transformative in the lives of so many of our guests,” said Todd Waterbury, chief creative officer, Target. “As the design industry moves in the direction of greater inclusivity, we continue to be inspired by individuals—like those featured in this film—who are also practicing this approach. Our hope with this documentary is that it’s a new way we can use our voice to help amplify the voices of others who are doing extraordinary work in their own ways, who are using design to create more access for all.”

The documentary will be released May 15, exclusively on Hulu. “Design for All” examines how an inclusive approach to design affects culture and improves the ways we relate to the built environment, to our communities, and to one another.

Ready to get inspired? Check out the trailer, above, or visit Hulu to view the full film.

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