Gadgets and Goldberg: A Target Cart Kicks off the New Year

  • Jan 5, 2012
a group of colorful objects on a white shelf

Check out Target’s version of a Rube Goldberg-like machine – a complex contraption that performs a series of tasks in an astonishing chain reaction. Constructed completely from Target products, the iconic red shopping cart kicks off the mesmerizing machine. It took a group of St. Olaf engineers 31 days to complete the machine, from concept to shoot.  And after 41 takes, they finally caught the one shot on video!

Other fun facts? 94 rolls of toilet paper were used to build TP Mountain, and 178 individual Target owned brand products were featured in the video. Okay – we won’t ruin any more for you. Watch it for yourself below, and read on after the jump for more details about the making of the video.

The video didn’t just entertain. After the shoot, food products (a whopping 800 lbs. worth) were donated to Second Harvest Heartland and a Ronald McDonald House. And the lamps, fans, bedding and dishware were donated to Bridging, a local Minnesota nonprofit whose mission is to provide underprivileged families with household goods.

All about Target

How many stores does Target have? What’s the story behind Bullseye the dog? All you’ve ever wanted to know about Target Corporation.

Fast facts about Target


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