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At Target, we’re committed to helping communities get back on their feet.

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In times of crisis or humanitarian need, we make sure our partners have what they need to help communities. When a disaster strikes, we’re on the scene quickly providing supplies, volunteers and distribution networks through relief organizations. All year round, we provide relief partners with local donations and annual funding, and we encourage our neighbors across the country to support them too.


a ready team

The more we help our team members prepare in advance of severe weather and other disasters, the easier it is for them to help their communities to quickly recover. We provide team members tips on how to keep themselves and their families safe, conduct preparedness drills throughout the year and provide hotlines to call in case of emergency. 

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Target provided more than $2 million to support communities impacted by a natural disaster in 2020.

keeping watch

Our Corporate Command Center (C3) in Minneapolis helps us keep an eye on potential issues where we do business. Operating round the clock, the C3 uses cutting-edge technology to monitor severe weather and other events around the world that could affect guests and team members, and connects our teams so we can respond quickly to almost any situation.

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Target’s continued investment in Team Rubicon, both domestically and internationally, is a shining example of their commitment to our mission, no matter where it takes us.

Matt Colvin
Head of Strategic Partnerships, Team Rubicon

our local support

We're committed to the communities we serve, so when disasters occur, we partner with local organizations to help those in need and protect our team members and guests. Some of our recent efforts include:

Hurricane Ida – September 2021 

Target donated $2.5 million — our largest storm-related donation to date — to local and national response partners including the Red Cross, Team Rubicon and Feeding America, and to our Team Member Giving Fund, which directly supports team members who have been affected by disasters. Our donation will help provide food, water, essentials, cleanup kits and COVID-19 vaccines to impacted communities, and support debris removal and rebuilding efforts stretching from Louisiana to New York. Our store teams also used Target GiftCards to support local first responders and nonprofit organizations in purchasing much-needed supplies.  

Haiti earthquake – September 2021 

Target donated $250,000 to local and international organizations including UNICEF to provide emergency aid following a deadly earthquake in the Tiburon Peninsula in August. Our donation will help partners provide food, water, essentials, shelter and debris removal, and continue administering COVID-19 vaccines across the country.

Afghan Refugee Resettlement – September 2021

Target committed $1 million to nonprofit partners like American Red Cross and Team Rubicon, supporting operations on military bases across the country that are working with Afghan refugees as they resettle in the United States. Local stores in the neighborhoods also near the bases provided food, water and other much-needed supplies. 

India Coronavirus relief – April 2021

Target committed more than $500,000 to UNICEF USA and local nonprofits to help communities across India navigate a new wave of COVID-19 cases. Our support will help partners increase access to life-saving oxygen treatments in hospitals across the country and bring faster, more accurate rapid testing resources to the hardest-hit communities.

Winter Storm Uri – February 2021

Target donated $750,000 to immediate response, relief and recovery efforts. These funds supported numerous national and local partners including American Red Cross, Feeding Texas, Coalition for the Homeless, Team Rubicon, Convoy of Hope and the Footprint Project. Donations were also made to our Team Member Giving Fund to support hundreds of Target team members impacted by the storm. Our store teams also used Target GiftCards to help local first responders and non-profit organizations purchase needed supplies.

Typhoon Molave – October 2020

Target donated $50,000 to UNICEF’s relief efforts in Vietnam following the storm and later flooding and landslides.

Hurricane Delta – October 2020

Target donated $250,000 to support communities activating in response to Hurricane Delta’s impact in the Gulf Coast, including the Team Member Giving Fund, Red Cross, Team Rubicon, Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana and local food banks, such as Second Harvest Greater New Orleans and Acadiana, the Food Bank of Central Louisiana and the Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana. Our store teams also used Target GiftCards to support local first responders and nonprofit organizations on purchasing much needed supplies.

Hurricane Sally – September 2020

Target donated $200,000 for important national and community relief efforts including our Team Member Giving Fund, the Red Cross, Team Rubicon, United Way of West Florida, United Way of Baldwin County and Feeding the Gulf Coast. Our store teams used Target GiftCards to help support local first responders and nonprofit organizations purchase needed supplies.

West Coast wildfires – August 2020

Target donated $1 million to important national and community relief efforts after the Western United States experienced a series of record breaking wildfires across California, Oregon and Washington. Funds supported efforts by Team Member Giving Fund, the Red Cross, Team Rubicon, Feeding America, United Way World Wide, The Oregon Community Fund, California Fire Foundation. Our store teams also used Target Gift Cards to help support local first responders and nonprofit organizations purchase needed supplies. 

Hurricane Laura – August 2020

Target donated $750,000 for important national and community relief efforts including our Team Member Emergency Assistance Fund, the Red Cross, Team Rubicon, the Community Foundation of Southwest Louisiana and five local food banks: The Southeast Texas Food Bank in Beaumont, Second Harvest Greater New Orleans and Acadiana (Lafayette Branch), Food Bank of Central Louisiana (Alexandria), Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana (Shreveport), and Food Bank of Northeast Louisiana (Monroe). Our store teams used Target GiftCards to help support local first responders and nonprofit organizations purchase needed supplies.

Coronavirus relief – March 2020

Target and the Target Foundation committed $10 million to expand relief and assistance to our team members, as well as local, national and global organizations responding to the pandemic. View the grant recipients.

California Wildfires – November 2019

Target donated $150,000 to nonprofits helping communities across California recover from devastating wildfires, including the California Community Foundation, California Fire Foundation and the Redwood Empire Food Bank. In addition, Target provided $25,000 in gift cards to local stores to assist community partners, and donated much needed supplies to Convoy of Hope.

Hurricane Dorian – September 2019

Target donated $50,000 to Bahamas Red Cross and Team Rubicon for their response and recovery efforts in the Bahamas region following the devastating impacts of Hurricane Dorian. In the U.S., Target provided $15,000 of Target GiftCards to stores in the Southeast to support local nonprofits and first responders aiding those who were impacted by the hurricane. Our teams also worked tirelessly to bring additional products to our East Coast stores to help guests stock up and prepare for the storm. We sent pallets of needed hurricane supplies like flashlights, batteries, gas cans and shelf-stable food to impacted stores, including more than two million bottles of water.

Hurricane Michael – October 2018

Target donated $1 million to help our team and communities in the Southeastern United States recover from damage caused by Hurricane Michael. We provided support to organizations including Team Rubicon and the American Red Cross for cleanup and recovery efforts, GlobalGiving in support of local non-profit responders, Habitat for Humanity for rebuilding homes, and our Team Member Giving Fund, which directly supports team members who have been affected by disasters. Before the storm hit, we provided thousands of dollars in gift cards to our stores in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas to help communities prepare.

Indonesia earthquake – September 2018

Target donated $25,000 to UNICEF to provide aid to children in local communities following the earthquake and resulting tsunami and landslides in Indonesia’s Central Sulawesi province.

Super Typhoon Mangkhut – September 2018

Target donated $50,000 to Save the Children to help kids in local communities affected by the typhoon in Hong Kong.

Hurricane Florence – September 2018

Target committed up to $1.5 million to help our team members and communities in North Carolina and South Carolina recover from Hurricane Florence. $1 million will go to non-profit organizations, including Team Rubicon for disaster cleanup and recovery, GlobalGiving in support of various local non-profits, and more as we continue to assess communities’ needs. Before the storm hit, we provided an initial $15,000 in GiftCards to stores to give to the community based on needs. Our corporate responsibility team is working with non-profit partners to provide recycle bins at food and product distribution sites to recycle debris and unwanted materials. And we matched all donations our team members made to Target’s Team Member Giving Fund through Sept. 30, up to $500,000.

California wildfires – October 2017

We donated $150,000 cash and in-kind to aid response and recovery efforts, including GiftCards for our stores to distribute to local non-profit partners, food donations for the community, and additional cash and product donations to local organizations.

Hurricane Maria – September 2017

Target donated $100,000 in cash and products to aid residents of Puerto Rico impacted by Hurricane Maria. The donation includes cash grants and in-kind product donations to local and national non-profit partners including Save The Children to aid international recovery efforts. We worked to get products such as food, water, baby supplies, toiletries, cleaning supplies and more to impacted residents.

Southeast Asia floods – Summer and Fall 2017

Target donated $50,000 to Save The Children to aid in recovery and relief efforts for communities impacted across India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Hurricane Irma – September 2017

Target pledged up to $1 million in cash and in-kind donations to help with recovery efforts in Florida and the southeastern U.S. The donation will benefit our team members, as well as national, local and international relief organizations, including: up to $500,000 for the American Red Cross, which includes $250,000 in cash and in-kind product donations, and up to $250,000 to match guests' donations to the Red Cross; $100,000 for Habitat for Humanity to help rebuild homes across the southeast; $300,000 to national local relief organizations including The Salvation Army for supplies and essentials like water, food and baby products; and $50,000 each to UNICEF and Save The Children to help international communities.

Hurricane Harvey – August 2017

After the storm hit, Target donated $500,000 to local and national disaster relief organizations, including $250,000 to the American Red Cross; $100,000 to The Salvation Army; $100,000 to Team Rubicon; and $50,000 in local store GiftCard support to local non-profits to supply multiple shelter operations with baby supplies, water, batteries, personal care products, blankets and more. On Aug. 31, we donated five trailers of food from our food distribution center in Denton, Texas, to Feeding America and The Salvation Army to support the Houston and Dallas Food Banks. On Sept. 1, we announced an additional $3 million donation to help impacted team members and continue to aid in community relief efforts.

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