social compliance

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards, and we expect our partners to do the same.

social compliance

When it comes to finding the vendors who supply our products, it's our mission to make sure everything we source is produced ethically and in accordance with local laws and our standards. We work with our vendors to improve their standards over time, and we take the advice of our experts.

our vendor standards

We've always maintained a strong sense of business ethics, and we hold ourselves and our partners accountable to the highest ethical standards. Our Standards of Vendor Engagement (SOVE)—eight business principles—require all vendors, including manufacturers, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to share our ethical practices and uphold our standards. We will not knowingly work with any company that does not comply with our SOVE.

vendor training and performance

We provide our vendors a variety of social-compliance training, including orientation at headquarters and overseas locations and web-based training programs on topics like preventing underage labor, working hours and health and safety management. We also provide self-audit forms to help vendors improve their performance. Learn more about our social compliance operations and how we work with vendors on their performance.

2012 highlights

In 2012, we built on our strong social compliance program through several initiatives—like our partnership with vendors and factories in Bangladesh to make work environments safer—to ultimately improve labor conditions and deepen our focus on environmental sustainability. Check out the full list in our 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF).

2013 priorities

Over the coming years, we'll focus on proactive engagement on critical issues and addressing the root causes of supply chain challenges. We've identified seven priorities—like continuing to give our vendors and factories the tools to meet our standards and collaborating with industry partners like the Sustainable Apparel Coalition—to help us reach our goals in 2013 and beyond. See the whole list in our 2012 Corporate Responsibility Report (PDF).