Target Reveals Prototype of 'Smart' Credit and Debit Cards

April 29, 2014 - Article reads in

Earlier this year, Target announced the accelerated implementation of smart card technology in stores, which are designed to dramatically reduce the threat of credit and debit card fraud. And today, in addition to introducing tech expert Bob DeRodes as Target’s new CIO, we provided a bit more detail, including plans to enable our entire REDcard portfolio with MasterCard’s chip-and-PIN cards starting in 2015.

As part of today’s news, Target also revealed prototypes, pictured here, of the new chip-enabled Target REDcards. The REDcard portfolio includes proprietary Target debit and credit cards in addition to Target-branded VISA cards, which will move to MasterCard as part of the plans.

So, how do these smart cards work, and what makes them more secure? Check out this infographic on chip-enabled (EMV) smart-card technology to learn more.

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