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Target’s Investment in Wage Increases and Store Hours

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Target Corporation employs over 360,000 team members and operates over 1,850 stores. Nearly three years ago we set out to make aggressive investments in our team. We shared plans to increase our team’s wages, hours and benefits. And for us, it wasn’t an either/or decision—it was an all-in commitment to supporting our team. To clarify that commitment, we’re proud to share what we have accomplished.

Together we have yielded more:

  • More dollars per hour: In a tight labor market, Target has raised starting wages three times in three years in pursuit of attracting and retaining the best talent in retail and delivering the best experience for our guests.
    • $13: our starting hourly wage since June 2019, with a goal of $15/hour by the end of 2020
  • More payroll hours: We’ve invested more than ever into payroll for our stores since 2017, including [X% increase YOY] of additional payroll hours of investment each year.
    • X: the average number of hours added per team member
  • More hours worked: Team members are working an average of [X% increase YOY] more hours today than they did three years ago.
  • More full-time jobs: Target has added 36,000 stores? team members in the last two years, and there are now more full-time team members at Target than ever before.
    • 10%: percent by which we have grown our team in the last two years [while the national job growth rate remains X%]
  • More healthcare eligibility: Over the past two years, we’ve seen an increase in number of team members eligible for healthcare coverage.
    • X%: year-over-year increase in healthcare-eligible team members
  • More and enhanced benefits: In the last year we have added expanded family-focused benefits including backup care, increased adoption and surrogacy reimbursement and a new paid family leave policy.
  • More individualization: With such a large team, individual team member schedules can vary for a variety of reasons, and we sit down with every team member to understand their scheduling needs and availability. Then, we use that information—in combination with our overall staffing needs—to build individual team member schedules.
  • More focus on the guest: Through the changes we’ve made to stores within the past few years, we’re focusing on providing great service by ensuring we put team members in stores at the times our guests are shopping. This means we’ve shifted some of our payroll hours from daytime to nights and weekends to match our guests’ shopping patterns.
  • More business ownership: We’ve specialized roles across the business so our team members feel empowered to run their business areas in service of the guest, in ways that meet the needs of their store and their communities. And our team members logged more than 1 million volunteer hours in their local communities in 2018 for the fifth consecutive year.
  • More development: We’ve put millions of training hours into helping our team build new skills and expertise so they can be successful in their jobs, but also in their careers. And the vast majority of our 360,000 team members tell us they appreciate the opportunities, experiences and training they get at Target.
  • More career building: Three out of four of our store directors started as hourly team members and one in four began their Target career as a seasonal hire.

And while we’re proud of more, we’re also proud of what remains unchanged:

  • Our commitment to our guests
  • Our commitment to our teams
  • Our investment at the highest level so that growth in store payroll hours and wage are not achieved at the expense of one another
  • We have no programs in place to change our balance of full-time and part-time hourly stores team members, which has remained consistent for several years

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