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  • Jan 8, 2019
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Interior designer Leanne Ford knows a thing or two about creating beautiful spaces (after all, she’s the vision behind Leanne Ford Interiors and co-host of HGTV’s “Restored by the Fords”). Now she’s teaming up with Target to shed light on one often-overlooked detail that can totally transform your home. “Lighting is everything,” says Leanne. “It's one of the most important elements in a space, if not the most important. And if you pick the right piece, it doubles as a work of art.” Well, friends, get ready to illuminate your favorite space—Leanne’s created a limited-time collection of modern (and amazingly affordable) lighting options for Project 62, only at Target.

It's no secret that Leanne loves Project 62, and now her designs will be right at home within the Target-exclusive brand for a limited time. “Leanne’s modern, approachable aesthetic is a beautiful complement to Project 62,” says Jill Sando, senior vice president, merchandising, Target. “This capsule collection is the perfect way to expand our lighting assortment—especially with large-scale pieces—while giving guests even more inspiration to create their own unique looks at home.”

Project 62 + Leanne Ford boasts more than 30 simple, elegant pieces—from table and floor lamps to pendant and sconce fixtures—all designed with extra touches (Fabric-covered cords and the perfect bulbs already included? Yes, please!) that make it easy to light up your life. The best part? You can definitely afford this luxe look (prices start at just $29.99). And you won’t have to wait long—the collection arrives in Target stores and on beginning Feb. 10.

Project 62 + Leanne Ford

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Ready for a closer look at those great details? We sat down with Leanne for the scoop:

The Project 62 + Leanne Ford collection is amazing. What was your inspiration?
Honestly, my first inspiration was attainable design for all (which is why a partnership with Target is perfect, of course). I thought about the lights that I wanted to see more of and the lights I’ve made out of vintage materials—this style just isn’t out there in the market at an affordable price point. So I set out to create a line of clean, classic lights that are available to everyone, easy to find and super affordable. I also made a conscious decision to give the lights a timeless feel—nothing too trendy—so they work with many different styles.

What was it like to bring these ideas to life at Target?
Designing with the Target team was any creative’s dream come true. As we figured out how to bring my vision to life, no detail was too small to tweak to perfection. From the first office visit and rounds of samples to finally seeing the products in their packaging, it was surreal. Having my name on those beautiful boxes next to Project 62 is one of the biggest honors of my career. This is a seriously big deal for this Pittsburgh girl. 

Tell us more about those little design details that set your lights apart.
Where do I start—there are so many to love. Here are just a few of my favorites…

  • Light bulbs included. The light bulb is just as important as the rest of the piece, especially in these open-style lights. That's why I was so excited to include the bulbs. We are able to help create and control the look of the bulb, but also the type of light it gives off. Those are two big wins for me as a designer.
  • Fabric-covered cords. The cord and canopy are often overlooked on lights, but why? They are just as visible as the rest of the light. Someday in the future everything may be cordless but until then, let's just make them look good! The fabric-covered cord elevates the entire fixture.  
  • Substantial materials. I was passionate about making these lights feeling substantial in your hand, so we used real, strong materials. Nothing feels cheap.
  • Great scale. I really wanted to offer oversized options, and these are, without a doubt, my favorites in the collection. The bigger the better. Seriously, when in doubt go for the bigger size—it will create a bigger impact in your space. 
  • Incredible value. I was blown away with how the Target team captured all of my design elements while still keeping the prices so attainable. I still can't believe it! When I see the prices on the box I just have to smile. So many more people are going to be able to bring elevated, beautiful lighting into their home with prices like this. That makes me happy.

How are you styling the pieces yourself? Can we expect to see any of these gems in season two of “Restored by the Fords”? 
I’m sworn to secrecy, but let's just say I have used a lot of these lights in a LOT of projects recently. I can't help it! They have proven to work with so many styles. 

Which piece is your favorite?
The fishnet light in XL is my proudest creation, as it was inspired by an old fish net I bought in Austin and turned into a light. I was excited to recreate that piece because I was slightly sad to give it away to a client. (That happens sometimes.) Also, the domes are a close second with a classic, simple style that works with any genre or era. They can lean farmhouse or industrial, mid-century or rustic. I love that. The finishes are simple enough not to feel over-contrived but with the slightest bit of warmth and texture. 

Finally, you have more big news—congrats on the sweet baby on the way! Has your perspective on design changed as you await little one’s arrival? 
Why thank you! We are thrilled. Nope, no change in design perspective. I’m going to do my best to keep my style and design aesthetic going strong as baby things take over. Her nursery is going to be a reflection of her parent's style for now… until she starts sharing her two cents and asking for glitter and rainbow everything! In which case, I guess we will just have to be into rainbows and glitter. [Editor’s Note: When the time comes, we have you covered, Leanne!]

Shop Project 62 + Leanne Ford starting Feb. 10 at most Target stores and

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