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We’re proud to continue our long legacy of support for communities in our hometown and around the world.

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Target Foundation stands with the Asian American community, acknowledging the pain and fear they are experiencing and unequivocally condemning the ongoing and intensifying violence directed at Asian Americans.  As an organization committed to enabling shared prosperity and opportunity by upholding equity and inclusion for all communities, we recognize there is no place for racial, ethnic and gender-motivated violence. 

We grieve the murders of the eight people in Atlanta, including six Asian women. Over the last year, anti-Asian sentiment has escalated in the United States, resulting in thousands of reported incidents of violence directed against Asian Americans, a majority of which have been directed at Asian American women. Globally, all types of violence against women and girls has intensified since the outbreak of COVID-19. This violence causes fear, pain and suffering, standing in the way of communities moving towards a more equitable future.

We stand firmly against racism, racialized misogyny, and xenophobia in all forms. Through our existing approach in driving systems-level change, we are committed to centering equity and investing in Black, Indigenous, and Person of Color-led (BIPOC) organizations. As part of our commitment to action against hate, we are investing $250,000 in organizations led by Asian Americans, working to empower the Asian American community, addressing gender-based violence and xenophobia, and advancing justice. March 2021

At the Target Foundation, we envision a world where all families and communities have the resources they need to determine and realize their own joy in life. It’s a reality that is out of reach for far too many families as they struggle for access to economic opportunity and stability, for equity, and for the kind of empowerment that lifts up their communities. We believe we have a responsibility to remove structural barriers and help create access for those who have been left out. When we shift power to communities, they can more meaningfully participate in the economy, creating a world where all families can thrive.

This is why the Target Foundation is committed to enabling shared prosperity and opportunity by upholding equity and inclusion for all communities. Guided by our deep commitment to community, we invest in leaders, organizations, coalitions, and networks that expand economic opportunity equitably, enabling communities to determine their own futures. We support strategies that center and elevate the voices, stories and leadership of individuals and communities that have historically been silenced.

Building on our legacy of giving in our hometown of Minneapolis and St. Paul, and extending across the U.S. and in emerging economies around the world, we remain committed to listening, learning, and building the kinds of relationships with partners that will shift systems to realize a world where joy is for all.

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“Through the Target Foundation, we seek to strengthen and support the systems and organizations that drive shared prosperity for all, investing in partners that help reshape economic and social structures in our communities in our hometown, across the country, and around the world.”

Amanda Nusz
vice president of corporate responsibility and president of the Target Foundation


our legacy

For more than 100 years, the Target Foundation (previously the Dayton Foundation) has upheld the idea that the prosperity of business is dependent on the prosperity of the communities in which they operate. It’s an important part of our history and our commitment to serve and support our neighbors in our hometown community and, now, around the world.

In 2019, the Foundation expanded its support to address the growing urgency in our hometown, across the country and globally to help address widening socio-economic gaps.


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