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supply chain & logistics

Target Global Supply Chain and Logistics is evolving at an incredible pace. We’re constantly reimagining how we get the right product to our guests even better, faster and more cost effectively than before. We’re becoming more intelligent, automated and algorithmic in our decision-making, so that no matter how our guests shop—in stores or on Target.com—we deliver the convenience and immediate gratification they deserve.

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  • Target arrows supply chain leadership development program (MBA/graduate program) : minimize panel

    Target arrows supply chain leadership development program (MBA/graduate program)

    The Target Arrows Leadership Development Program is designed to develop future leaders who will solve complex problems and design new and innovative solutions to transform Target’s global supply chain and logistics. Through hands-on experience, presentations and customized development, you will improve end-to-end knowledge in all areas of Supply Chain, Logistics and Operations while building an extensive internal network. We’ll help you develop the skills necessary to understand the Precise business problems, and the Accuracy of implementing the right solutions.

  • inventory analyst : minimize panel

    inventory analyst

    Apply your specialized and well-informed point of view to what we buy, from whom, how much and where it needs to go from there. Help ensure that each and every item is sustainable, responsible and chosen in the best interests of our guests.

  • project management : minimize panel

    project management

    Project Managers play a critical part in our Supply Chain Transformation initiatives.  As a high performing member of the team, work on initiatives intended to propel Target’s Supply Chain competencies forward to meet the needs of the future. These positions work with a broad cross-section of supply chain stakeholders, internal and field-facing supply chain team members, data analytics and business intelligence, and technical partners to collaborate on the best solutions to optimize for cost, speed, accuracy, and simplicity.  Superior communication, organization and influencing skills are required along with job specific requirements.

  • analysts & technical roles : minimize panel

    analysts & technical roles

    Analysts can play a number of different roles, depending on the team and initiative. Broadly, analysts will deliver solutions and execute analysis to support optimal decisions for the supply chain organization both internationally and domestically. An Analyst works directly with internal and external stakeholders to ensure all dimensions of a logistics solution are considered and is responsible for providing solutions that consider the financial and operational impacts; monitors and validates these impacts; and supports implementation.

  • product ownership & product teams : minimize panel

    product ownership & product teams

    Product owners and Product teams are instrumental in the design and development of next-gen strategies for Target. Play a lead role in the successful deployment and launch of supply chain technologies and processes. Product owners should have product and program management skills to lead teams through prioritization of tasks, testing schedules, delivery coordination and acceptance of complete, production-ready solutions.

  • supply chain leaders : minimize panel

    supply chain leaders

    Be responsible for standing up from scratch processes and operational disciplines. Enter into established areas to impact change and infuse new methodologies and value across Target in support of current and future needs of our guests. Invent and deploy processes, disciplines and technologies that revolutionize process definition and execution across our supply chain. Lead cross-functionally across Merchandising, Inventory Management, Negotiations, Supplier Engagement and Technology. Work closely with leaders across our Supply Chain organization to ensure world class performance.

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