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food product development & quality assurance

Our exclusive food and beverage products offer our guests quality, value and a taste of the innovation that inspires us every day.

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Food product development team member sampling some coffee

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  • food product development : minimize panel

    food product development

    Work with our owned-brand foods business teams and vendor partners to bring guest-preferred products to our stores.  Innovate, design and develop great tasting products that deliver on our brand promise.

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    product guidance

    Conduct sensory and consumer tests to ensure we’re delivering the foods our guests want. Help build brand loyalty by providing key consumer insights to the food product development team to support the development of great tasting, high-quality products.

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    product performance

    Develop quality preparation directions, create new recipes and provide enticing serving suggestions for our owned-brand food products. Collaborate with the food product development team to deliver successful products that build brand loyalty by delivering a great guest experience for every product, every time.

On a wooden tray, a white clay mug filled with coffee sits next to a black pot of cream and a white plate with sugar cubes.

coffee talk

We’re taking the Sustainable Coffee Challenge in partnership with Fair Trade USA, with a commitment to certify 100% of our Archer Farms coffee in both bags and pods by 2022.

Read more about how we design and develop sustainable products our guests love.

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