Thinking About a Holiday Job at Target? Take These Tips From Our Team

October 9, 2018 - Article reads in
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Target teams across the U.S. are getting ready for the most important (and fun!) shopping season of the year, and this holiday is expected to be one of our busiest yet. To make sure we’re fully staffed and ready to serve guests during the holidays, we’re giving our current team members the chance to add the extra hours they want to their schedules—and we’re in the process of hiring more than 120,000 seasonal team members to help them out. All new hires will start at or above $12 an hour, be eligible for our compelling benefits, including our new appreciation program (read about it here) and lots more.

If you’re considering applying for a seasonal job in our stores and would like more info, or the chance to talk to our team members in person, you’re in luck! Join us for our third annual seasonal hiring events this Friday, Oct. 12 through Sunday, Oct. 14., from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. local time at every Target store. Candidates can stop in to meet with store leaders and interview on the spot with the chance to receive a job offer during the weekend events. Can’t make it to an event? You can stop in anytime at your local store or distribution center to talk to the team, or apply online at

Each year, tens of thousands of team members come aboard as seasonal hires, and many go on to build their careers at Target. We caught up with a few of them to hear how they got their start, plus their best advice for incoming team members.

Ilhan S.
Beauty Team Member, Shakopee, Minnesota

“I applied for a seasonal role one year ago. I wanted my first job to be at Target, so I could get work experience at a company I already enjoyed shopping at. After the season, I was thrilled to stay on in Beauty—that was my favorite place to work since I love skincare, makeup and haircare. I love talking to guests about products and making sure they have great shopping experiences. One of my favorite memories is of helping a guest explore some new skincare items—she was so happy, she pulled my leader aside to tell her about it! I used to be very shy, but this job has helped me get out of my comfort zone and focus on my public speaking skills, which has helped me at school too. If you want a seasonal job, Target is the way to go. Our teams have so much fun together every day!”

Cole J.
Executive Team Leader, Sales Floor, Vancouver, Washington

“Three years ago, I’d just moved to Minnesota from New York and was looking for a new job. I always loved Target, so I joined as a seasonal hire and quickly fell in love with my store and team. I ended up staying on after the holidays. Over the years I eventually moved to Washington, and eventually took on my current role. I love interacting with guests. Target is like the ‘Cheers’ of retail—you get to know many of your guests and their families by name, and it’s fun when they come in and recognize you, and want to stay connected.  I also enjoy leading teams—watching them grow personally and as an employee is really satisfying. I think the most important skill you can have is being adaptable. There are always lots of moving parts to these jobs, so be prepared to wear multiple hats each shift. The more you’re willing to learn and take on challenges, the farther you’ll go with the company.”

Dawn M.
Distribution Center (DC) Packer, Cedar Falls, Iowa

“I began working as a seasonal packer at Target’s Cedar Falls DC back in 2006, and shortly after that was promoted to a full-time role on the team. About three years ago after my husband retired, I decided I wanted to spend more time at home with him, so I’ve since scaled back to a seasonal packing position again. It’s allowed me to work fewer hours and be more flexible with my schedule. I really enjoy this job because it lets me stay active—I prefer to be on my feet and moving around at all times. I love coming back each year and seeing my leaders and team members, and getting into the swing of things in time for the busy holiday season. My advice is to expect a fast-paced and friendly environment. Be ready to work hard, but know that there are lots of great people at Target to work with and that makes it fun!”

Christopher E.
Store Team Leader, Penfield, New York

“I started 11 years ago as a seasonal sales floor team member in Fayetteville, New York. It didn’t take long to realize how much Target had to offer in the areas of personal development, job growth and team atmosphere—all helpful throughout my career. I had great leaders who encouraged me to develop and take on more responsibilities in other areas, including logistics, the sales floor and guest service, and I stayed on full-time after the season. I’ve really loved meeting so many team members over the years and learning about their different backgrounds and life experiences. Early on, I realized that every team member, at every level, makes an impact on the store through their actions and decisions (no matter how small). I try never to take that for granted, and remember how much every guest interaction, choice, and experience matters.”

Jewel R.
Apparel & Accessories Team Member, Kansas City, Missouri

“I took a seasonal job at Target two years ago because I love retail and I’ve always wanted to work here. Since then, I’m working on learning to be a better style expert and working on my sales and service skills. My goal is to make sure each guest is taken care of and leaves the department feeling confident in the clothes they buy from us. I once helped a guest style her outfit for a date night, and now she comes back often and asks for me—it’s like I’ve become her personal stylist! I dream of becoming a leader and growing with the company, so I’ve been working with my manager to find opportunities to practice and learn new skills. My motto: Positivity is everything, and your attitude is what matters the most.”

Stephen T.
Property Management Technician, Anchorage, Alaska

“I started out about two years ago on the seasonal flow team at our store in Anchorage, and worked there for seven months before returning to a former construction job. About a year later, I heard about a new maintenance position opening up, so I applied and was hired. I really appreciate the uplifting, positive attitude that everybody on this team has, because it keeps me in a good mood. And I’m impressed by the leadership team here. They don’t just tell the team to work hard, they jump in and help us. Best part of my job? When I stop and help a guest find something and I get to see the gratitude in their eyes. My advice to new seasonal team members is to stay positive, and if asked to help out with something, say yes if you can. These things will be remembered.”

Scott M.
DC Senior Operations Manager, West Jefferson, Ohio

“I started as a seasonal warehouse worker six years ago, as I was finishing up the last year of my degree at Michigan State University. I chose Target because of the great starting pay and benefits, and the team culture—it’s something everyone wants to be a part of! Since then, I’ve had a range of career responsibilities, including loading trailers, becoming an operations manager, running bridge meetings as a production controller, and now leading the Outbound teams in my current role. What inspires me to stay is the amazing people—I’m so privileged to work with them every day. If you’re considering a seasonal role, my advice is to go in with an open mind and a smile on your face. What initially started as a job has transformed into a rewarding career that challenges me every day, and I have the support of coworkers who have become family.”

Roxana J.
Beauty Team Member, West Hollywood, California

“I joined Target about a month ago—this will be my first holiday season working in Target’s Beauty department. I chose to work here because I wanted to work for a company that shares the same values as mine. It’s also a great chance for me to showcase my service and sales skills. My favorite part of the job so far is matching foundation shades with unique skin types for guests. I love getting to know each guest and helping them find the right products so they walk away feeling more beautiful. My personal favorite job perk is the 10% team member discount—it was great that I could use it on my very first day on the job! Advice for new team members? Be your authentic self at work, make the most of your seasonal position and learn all you can.”

Lance M.
Property Management Technician, Waldorf, Maryland

“I applied for a job last November because I wanted to get into seasonal logistics at Target. During my interview, the store team leader thought I’d be a great fit for a Ship From Store role—fulfilling online orders by packing them up and shipping them directly to the guest from our store’s backroom. I enjoyed the job and embraced the challenges, and ended up staying on after the holidays. I especially like all the teamwork—from lifting large items to finding something a guest misplaced. I’ll miss my Waldorf team as I move on to another location and a new position, but I know they’ll always be there for me no matter what I do next! My advice to new hires? Instead of being a ‘know it all,’ be a ‘learn it all.’ Come with an open mind and learn from people on the team.”

Want more info about seasonal opportunities at Target? Take a look at the full list of positions available to learn more and to apply, or stop by your local store or distribution center anytime. We can’t wait to meet you!

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