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Map of the 50 states with 10 selected states highlighted in red

To celebrate the upcoming opening of our first Target store in Vermont—when we’ll officially be in all 50 states!—we’ve been sharing heartwarming stories and landmark moments from each state we’re in. In our third story, we highlighted Maine, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Tennessee, West Virginia and Wyoming. Now, we’re back with even more milestone moments.

Arizona HQ team members

Did you know? Target has had a headquarters location in Tempe, Arizona, since 2000! With between 400 to 700 team members working out of the office at any given time, it's a bustling hub that primarily houses support teams for and REDcard programs. Fun fact: Since Arizona doesn't observe daylight saving time like most other states (no "springing ahead" or "falling back" for them), the office hours change in the spring and fall so that the service center teams can support Target guests consistently throughout the year.

San Rafael, California, Target store

When opening a Target store in a new location, particularly an area with specific architectural styles, we try to acclimate to our new neighborhood (check out our Wisconsin and New Mexico stores!). But when it came to building a new store in San Rafael, California, we had a different sort of ask: the city's green building ordinance requires all new buildings to earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. It's how the design and construction industries rate how "green," or environmentally friendly a building is. Through specific construction schedules that worked around local wildlife breeding seasons, using recycled and locally manufactured materials and installing energy-saving electrical systems, the building earned LEED Gold in 2013 and was the first Target to ever receive that certification!

Overhead view of potatoes being loaded onto a truck in a field

Since this spring, Grown in Idaho has been supplying Target stores across the country with four varieties of potato products. From crispy steak cut fries to restaurant-quality hash browns, all Grown in Idaho's products are, in fact, grown in Idaho! Plus, the company processes all of its potato products in a Twin Falls, Idaho, facility, which means a potato can be pulled from the field in the morning and be turned into a french fry by the afternoon. And if you're wondering exactly where in Idaho your fries came from, you can enter the QR code on the back of any Grown in Idaho product bag into their website and find out!

Gulzar working at her Target store

One of Target's biggest priorities is making sure our in-store experience is as welcoming and easy as possible. That's due in large part to our incredible group of store team members, and rings especially true for the Overland Park store in Kansas. Local guests who frequent the store say that while the entire team is friendly and kind, there's one team member in particular who goes above and beyond: Gulzar. From remembering guests' names, to warmly acknowledging everyone who passes through the self-checkout area, she's a constant, friendly presence that guests appreciate. Gulzar credits store leadership and the entire team for the warm, supportive work environment that empowers her to be her best self for guests. She says, “I can especially relate to guests who are scared of the self-checkout technology, because I know how that feels, and I do my best to help them feel comfortable.”

Emery at her Frozen-themed party at Target

Thanks to an over 20-year partnership with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Target has a long history of fighting the good fight against childhood cancer. So in fall of 2017, when a Kansas City, Missouri, store found out that one of their littlest guests was battling the disease and that her birthday was coming up, they decided to put together something extra special. Store team members threw three-year-old Emery a birthday party in her local store and even brought in characters from "Frozen" to put a smile on her face. Missouri team members often go above and beyond, and this is just one of the many examples. In 2017, team members completed a total of 11,247 volunteer hours!

New Hampshire

The New Hampshire team members are a powerful bunch! In 2017, they logged over 3,100 volunteer hours at organizations across the state. The most popular spots to spend time helping out? The United States Foundation for the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, which helps children foster interests in science, engineering and technology through mentor-based programs, and the Rochester Youth Hockey League.

New Jersey
Outside of the Perth Amboy flow center

As part of a new distribution strategy, Target is in the process of speeding up its restocking cycle and paring down inventory kept at stores—especially for small-format stores and stores in dense urban areas. One way to get that done? With new facilities called "flow centers," one of which is in operation in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. The warehouse is a critical component of the state's supply chain, not only replenishing stores with smaller, customized and more frequent shipments, but also fulfilling online orders. It's just one of the ways we're hard at work to make sure guests quickly receive online orders and can always find what they're looking for on store shelves!


As part of our freshwater stewardship approach, we're focused on how we can improve water quality, optimize water efficiency and increase access to clean water. That means reducing water use in stores, utilizing water saving design principles and more. In Ohio, we got first-hand experience in conserving and maintaining a protected water source during construction of a Target store in Reynoldsburg, Ohio, in 2009. We worked with the site developer to rebuild the stream embankment along the Blacklick Creek and have continued to help preserve the property. Today, the protected area is now home to local birds, frogs, butterflies and other wetland wildlife.


After storms and flooding devastated parts of Oklahoma in 2015, Target stepped in to help. With around 140 stores and three distribution centers in the area, we're an integral part of the local community and knew the hard-hit areas firsthand. We sent a $100,000 donation—$75,000 to the American Red Cross and $15,000 to local non-profits. As for the remaining $10,000? That came from a new program we were testing where Target matched local team members' personal Red Cross donations. Since 2015, that test has evolved into the Team Member Giving Fund, which we officially launched in early 2018. The fund lets team members donate directly to colleagues in need to help during natural disasters, like Hurricane Florence, and other crises.

New Philadelphia Target store

From our Art Museum store next to the Barnes Foundation and Philadelphia Museum of Art, to our newest store in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia is a hotspot for recent Target store openings. And as a city entrenched in history, there’s often a story behind our store locations. The newest store, opening fall 2018 at Broad and Washington, is next to the former Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore Railroad Freight Shed, a historic spot that played host to Abraham Lincoln not once, but twice. The first as he was campaigning for president and the second after his assassination—he was brought to the Shed for a public viewing that gave Philadelphians a chance to pay their final respects (after all, Philadelphia was the country’s first capital). As a testament to its history, the Shed was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2011. And it’s all right across the street from one of our newest stores!

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