Chrissy Teigen is Introducing a Kitchen and Tabletop Collection, and it’s Available Only at Target

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Chrissy and her family stand at a kitchen counter making pancakes with her new kitchenware

Turns out the secret to entertaining like Chrissy Teigen is just a Target run—or click—away! That’s right: On September 30, the model, cookbook author and mom of two will launch the Cravings by Chrissy Teigen collection, available exclusively at Target.

The collection features all of the essentials that Chrissy uses to prep, cook and serve up her favorite recipes—think do-it-all cast iron Dutch ovens and must-have serve ware—plus items like cutlery, glassware and pitchers that are perfect for entertaining family and friends in A-list style. There truly is something for everyone, with Target’s signature combination of chic design and incredible value. (There are over 40 items to choose from, ranging in price from $4 for drinkware to $140 for a 12-piece cookware set.)A cast iron pan filled with three tostadas“We have a great relationship with Chrissy and have worked with her in a number of ways over the years—from her first modeling job being in a Target catalog, to her starring in our 2016 holiday campaign. When we learned she was launching her own kitchen and tabletop line, we both knew it would be right at home at Target,” said Mark Tritton, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, Target. “We know our guests will be excited to see Chrissy branch out with the launch of her new collection, and we are thrilled to be the exclusive retailer for Cravings by Chrissy Teigen.”

Oh, and once you’ve stocked your kitchen with Chrissy-approved pieces, you’ll be ready to whip up something scrumptious. Cue Cravings: Hungry for More, the follow-up to Chrissy’s bestselling cookbook. Our Target-exclusive edition (packed with exclusive recipes for oh-so-yummy snacks) arrives in stores and online September 18.

As for the inspo behind Chrissy’s brand new collection? Read on for more from the social media queen, who spills on everything from her can’t-live-without-‘em kitchen items to how her famous family got involved with her new cookbook.
Chrissy cooks with her daugherYou’re a new mom with a really busy schedule. Why take the time to create a kitchen and tabletop collection?
I’ve always wanted people to love what they’ve cooked from my books. Creating a collection was a natural extension of my passion for food, and I am so excited for everyone to be proud of and truly love their kitchen and tools.

What are some of your must-haves from the collection?
The “Go To” knife really is my everything! It was the first thing we created. I have so many knives in my own kitchen, but always found myself gravitating towards my 7-inch chef’s and serrated knives. I always wished they would morph into one, so we did just that. It slices juicy tomatoes, steak and rustic loaves of bread perfectly. I truly love it.

I also love the organic plates and bowls. I wanted to make sure everything in the line felt unique and special, and each piece has little marks of character—like raw edges and flecks of glaze that differ from piece to piece. They’re timeless but have character, and they look beautiful both on a table and stacked on a shelf. I think I’ll cry when people start tagging me in Instagram photos of them filled with their delicious food!

Which is your absolute favorite of the Target-exclusive recipes in your upcoming cookbook?
They’re all pretty special but I’d have to say the corn fritters with hot honey. They’re golden brown, puffy and crispy on the outside, yet sweet and fluffy on the inside. Take my word for it—they’re  best eaten piping hot (just don’t burn your mouth). 

Your first cookbook was chock-full of recipes inspired by your familyand fans loved it! Will you share more family recipes in Cravings: Hungry for More?
With the first book, I remember being a little bit nervous about including the Thai food my mom cooked for me growing up. I wasn’t sure if people would be open to it, but they loved it. So, mom is back! Plus, John tested absolutely every single dish, and there are many Luna-approved recipes (blueberry pancakes with cream cheese bombs, anyone?).

News alert! Your first modeling gig was a swimsuit campaign for Target. What do you remember most about the experience?
I remember they cast a younger girl as my little sister! We shot the campaign in an inflatable above-ground pool and I pretended my “little sister” was spraying me with a hose. I think it was used in Target’s weekly ads, but I’ve actually never seen the photo! Please find it for me, Target!

We gotta ask: Do you ever shop at Target as a family?
Our daughter, Luna, is a once-a-week Target shopper. Sometimes she is recognized in the store before we are! She’s at such a fun age right now. We like to crawl in the tents on display and guess prices on items like a gameshow. Luna thinks anything and everything is three dollars. Miles has yet to go on his first Target adventure, but we will definitely be popping into random Targets across the country when we hit the road for John’s tour! 

What’s one thing you always have to pick up while at Target? Any guilty, gotta-have-‘em pleasures? 
Razor blades and nose strips! And nail polish for my daughter. She is so into nail care—t’s crazy! She loves to file my nails, paint John’s nails and has me paint her toes. She knows what all the different tools are for, and knows how to buff and shape, too. Oh, and we always pick up diapers, board games, and Hot Pockets!

Ready for a closer look at the collection? Here's a sneak peek:

The Cravings by Chrissy Teigen collection launches in Target stores and on starting September 30, with prices ranging from $4 to $140.

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