Seven board game boxes against a white background

Get your game face on and grab the snacks, because Target’s taking game night to the next level! We’re rolling out 130+ new games—including 95 only-at-Target finds—and you’re in for some serious fun. Think cute picks for the kids, family faves, brain teasers and more—plus some pretty epic throw-back gems (hello, MacGyver, Brady Bunch and Golden Girls).

“There’s something special about breaking free from screens and spending real, face-to-face time with family and friends—and that’s why our guests are loving the ever-growing board game trend,” says Kelly Caruso, senior vice president, hardlines, Target. “We’re out to make Target their go-to destination for great games, so over the past couple of years, we’ve more than doubled our assortment and we’re constantly working with the nation’s leading game makers to create even more unique, exclusive games for our guests to enjoy with those they love.”

Ready to try your luck? We rounded up a few of our faves:

Throw-back findsCollage of five board game boxes, including Brady Bunch, Mario Monopoly, Superfight, MacGyver and Golden girls

The Brady Bunch Party Game * Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart * Super Fight ‘90s Deck * MacGyver The Escape Room Game * The Golden Girls Any Way You Slice It Game  


Collage of seven board games including Ticket to Ride, House of Danger, Oregon Trail, Dungeons & Dragons, MegaLand and Hackathon

Ticket to Ride Express: New York City * Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger * The Oregon Trail Game * Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set * Mega Land * Hackathon

Family face-off

Collage of seven board games including Sorry, Battleship, Cheater Monopoly, Spin Off, A Game of Thrones, Blank Slate and Yeah NoRustic Sorry* Rustic Battleship * Monopoly Cheaters Edition * Spin Off * A Game of Thrones: Hand of the King * Blank Slate * Yeah Nope Party Game

Kids’ picks
Collage of five board games including LOL Surprise, Yeti Set Go, Tick Tac Tongue, Pie Face Cannon, and Chow Crown

LOL Surprise The Water Surprise Game * Yeti Set Go *Tic Tac Tongue * Pie Face Cannon * Chow Crown

For tons more options (with even more coming this fall) and endless game night fun, head to Target or

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