Jennifer Garner’s Mom Hack Will Save You Hours—And It’s Now at Target!

June 4, 2018 - Article reads in
A split image of Jennifer holding a Once Upon a Farm pouch and an array of pouches

An enviable acting career and awesome advocacy work? Major respect. But we really love Jennifer Garner for her perfectly relatable #MomLife moments. (I mean, she rocked that handmade scarf. And we’d totally take all the cookies). So when Jennifer spilled her super-easy secret for helping little ones eat well, we just had to share it with our Target guests. Say hello to Once Upon a Farm—a farm-to-family collection of organic, cold-pressed fruit and veggie blends for babies and beyond.

"Target" spelled out in raspberries, surrounded by fruit and Once Upon a Farm pouchesHow would you like to feed your baby or toddler super-fresh, organic fruit and veggie blends with brain-boosters like avocado and chia? Or to send your kiddo off to camp with no-sugar-added smoothies that taste great and pack a nutrient punch? And do it all without spending a single second chopping, blending or washing up? It might sound too good to be true, but this is not a fairy tale... as of this week, it’s as easy as making a Target run. Simply stroll over to our refrigerated section near the produce, choose your fresh-picked Once Upon a Farm flavors (our fave flavor is the Coco for Mangoes super smoothie, which you’ll find only Target), twist open the pouch and watch those little ones grin with delight. 

“We know our guests are incredibly busy, especially those with young children. We’re always looking for what we can do to help make their day a bit easier, so they can focus on what’s most important to them,” says Mark Tritton, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, Target. “That’s why we’re so excited to offer Once Upon a Farm at Target—it’s the perfect way to help little ones eat well at home or on the go, while saving busy parents time in the kitchen.”

We were hungry for more, so we sat down with Jennifer to talk every delicious detail.

What drew you to Once Upon a Farm?
My mom grew up on a farm in Oklahoma, and it’s so much of who she is. She always had a big family garden and cooked fresh. She’d be digging the bug out of a funky-looking tomato or sending me out to pick sugar-snap peas off the vine for a snack. That’s how she fed us. When you’re a mom, you can’t help but want to give your kids the best. But steaming, chopping and grinding baby food, freezing it in those little ice cube trays—not to mention cleaning up after that—can be overwhelming. So I love that Once Upon a Farm can provide a fresh, healthy meal without all the hassle. We’re making life a little easier for moms and dads, and I’m so proud to share this with the world.

Why Target?
We’re on a mission to bring fresh food to kids all over the country, and to do that, we’ve got to be where people love to shop—that’s Target! I’m doing a little happy dance because I’m such a fan, and am so excited to see Once Upon a Farm at Target.

Aww, thanks! So, we have to ask—what’s in your Target basket?
Anything and everything I need around the house, from laundry detergent to cute pool floats. Oh, and I always swing through the toy aisle because you guys have the best stuff. When I’m on set and can’t be home to put my kids to bed, I like to leave them little pillow presents—Target’s the perfect place to find unicorns for one, Harry Potter for another and something silly for the other.

Any other little hints to help busy parents?
Once Upon a Farm isn’t just for babies. Pop one of our smoothies in the freezer and slip it into your kids’ lunch boxes as they head off to summer camp—it’ll keep the rest of the lunch cool, plus it’s a refreshing treat. I’ll even add to my own smoothie, or use one of our applesauce pouches in place of butter or oil as I’m making muffins or cookies for a guilt-free, no-added-sugar snack. Certain friends on set have even started carrying around a little cooler of pouches to enjoy throughout the day!

Yum! Can you share a favorite recipe?
Of course. I love to make yogurt bark—it’s so simple and the kids can help! Just spread, squeeze sprinkle and freeze. Here’s how…A pouch of Once Upon a Farm "Coco for Mangoes"

2 containers of yogurt of your choice
2 pouches of Once Upon A Farm Coco for Mangoes (this one’s only at Target!), or your favorite flavors
1 handful of fresh fruit (I like raspberries)

Evenly spread two containers of yogurt onto a sheet of parchment paper on a sheet pan. Shake the Once Upon a Farm organic food pouches, then squeeze them on top of the yogurt (you can get creative with patterns or swirls). Top with fresh fruit and gently press it into the mixture. Put the sheet tray into the freezer for at least one hour. When the yogurt bark is completely frozen you can break it into pieces and store in a storage container with a lid in your freezer.

Once Upon a Farm is available in Target’s refrigerated section starting this week, with prices ranging from $1.79 to $2.49.

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