Team Target Moms Share Their Favorite Parenting Hacks, Benefits and More

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Team members Anne, Alisa, Whitney, and their families

Taxi driver, personal chef and stylist, head cheerleader … Moms shoulder important responsibilities in their kids’ lives. So adding the challenges of balancing family and career can make life both exciting and daunting. At Target, we know that having a strong network of support goes a long way toward success in both areas.

We believe taking care of our team members means investing in their whole selves, both at and outside work. We’re dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our team and their families by offering a range of benefits to fit their unique needs, and by fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment where team members are empowered to support each other.

Read on to meet three of our team members who are building rewarding careers as they raise their families, with a little help from Target and their fellow parents.
Alisa and her fiance and son at the beach

Alisa N., Senior Distribution Director, Ontario, California

On her 10-year Target career: After graduation, I started as an operations manager at our regional distribution center (DC) in Fontana, before taking on the role of production controller. I then moved to Minneapolis and worked at Target’s headquarters as a process leader. But I missed working in the field, so eventually I transitioned back as a senior operations manager where I got my first opportunity to build a team. Three years ago, I took on my current role—by far the most challenging and rewarding as I lead my team through lots of transformational change in Fulfillment.

Meet her fam: I was born in Calgary, Canada, and spent my childhood there and later in Bangkok, Thailand, and Los Angeles. My fiancé, Bryan, and I love to share our passion for travel with our two-year-old son, Oliver. I’m so grateful for the patience and support of both Bryan and my mom, who lives with us.

Favorite thing about mom life: I love watching my son’s eyes light up over the simplest things, like when a caterpillar cocooned into a butterfly in our backyard. So I challenge myself to find time to slow down and enjoy those life moments.

How Target helps her keep the balance: I believe that greater work-life balance is achievable if you’re honest with your leaders and teams, and not afraid to show that you’re human. I have a great support network in Southern California that creates a safe space to have honest discussions about being a working parent, and challenges each other to be better leaders. We also take advantage of Target benefits—for example, I used the backup child care in Minneapolis when I was traveling for work. 

Parenting tips: We often set goal plans for work, so why not set goals for your family? I try and accomplish a few small things each week and month, and reflecting back on what we’ve done reminds me that I will always be enough. And of course, always keep snacks in your purse, both for you and the little ones!

Whitney and her husband and three kids in front of cherry trees

Whitney M., Human Resources (HR) Director, Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland Stores

On her 13-year Target career: I started as an intern while attending Michigan State, then worked in three executive team leader roles before becoming a store team leader in Fenton, Michigan. That job was so much fun because I got to help the team problem-solve daily and see results first-hand. I saw myself growing into a career in HR, so I was honored to take an assignment covering 23 stores in the Midwest, and later a leadership role in Richmond, Virginia. My current role is an amazing career challenge, and I’m surrounded by determined and caring people.

Meet her fam: My family is why I work; I want to provide the best for them and also know that being a working parent teaches many great life skills. My husband, Brent, and I have three active children—Adeline (5), Miles (turns 3 next month), and Dylan (8 months)—all born in different states along my Target journey. We also have a handsome Goldendoodle named Darby!

Favorite thing about mom life: The unconditional love, the smiling faces, the milestones, and I live for the hugs! Sometimes it feels like there’s never enough time—I can’t be at every event, or always give each kid the full attention they deserve. But I do my best to live in the moment and let them know where I am and what I’m doing. 

How Target helps her keep the balance: I used the maternity support program for all three kids, and the Target Credit Union to buy homes twice while relocating. Target’s employee assistance program, Team Member LifeResources, helped me find daycare when moving from Virginia to Maryland, and the Target Legal benefit helped us write and modify our wills and trust after each child was born. We’ve used the Daycare Flexible Spending Account and taken advantage of the discounts Target offers at daycare centers, too. They’ve been time and money savers—resources we’ve been so thankful to have. 

Team culture is a big factor too. I’ve always felt encouraged to share my experiences with others at Target because it’s like a family. I even bring my kids to team volunteer events when I can. For me, it’s all about integration between career and my family because the balance often shifts depending on the time of year. 

Parenting tip: Routines, routines, routines! They help us so much, and whether it be the bath assembly line or getting everything ready the night before, sticking to the plan helps save time and limits tantrums too.

Anne and her husband and kids sitting on their front step

Anne G., Lead Executive Recruiter, Minneapolis

On her 28-year Target career: I started in leadership roles at [Target’s predecessor] Dayton’s, and later moved to HR at Target. I love helping teams find talent to expand their capabilities, and working with candidates to grow their careers. Working in retail has taught me the importance of flexibility in balancing parenting and career.

Meet her fam: My husband, Bruce, and I have three kids—Owen (18), Gabby (16), and Ava (13)—all of whom are active in academics and sports. Ava is a true gift in our family—she was born with Down syndrome and helps us appreciate the simple joys in life. I’ve learned a lot about parenting from my time as a store leader, getting to know my kids as individuals, coaching to their strengths and admitting when I’m wrong.

How Target helps her keep the balance: While raising a child with special needs is rewarding, it definitely adds complexity to the mix. Target’s flexibility makes me feel comfortable taking time off to attend important events like doctors’ appointments and therapies.

I’m proud work for a company that prioritizes inclusive culture, from emphasizing the importance of bringing your whole self to work, to offering adaptive apparel and showing people with disabilities in our advertising. I’m a long-time member of the Abilities Awareness Network, an employee resource group at our headquarters. I regularly attend meet-ups for parents of kids with disabilities. There’s nothing like a having a group of peers who can share in those highs and lows while managing work commitments.

Her benefits picks: We used Bright Horizons backup daycare for many years when daycare was closed or school was out of session. I also used Grand Rounds, part of Target’s medical benefits, several times to get a second opinion for a recommended healthcare procedure.

Parenting tips: Find what works for your current situation and go with it, and know that it’ll change as your kids grow and your career develops. Fitting it all together is like a puzzle, but each piece has a place. Also, laughter is my go-to stress reliever, and I love it when my co-workers can relate and laugh right along with me! 

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