Museum of Ice Cream Is Coming to Target’s Kids’ Department, Freezer Aisles and More

May 22, 2018 - Article reads in
A collage of Museum of Ice Cream images showing off the Art Class collection and a pint of ice cream

Since we introduced Art Class in January of last year, it’s played an integral role in making Target’s kids’ department a shopping destination. With inspiring, limited-edition collaborations with real kid designers and social media trendsetters, the apparel and accessories brand has been a bright spot for stylish, one-of-a-kind clothing at an affordable price. With summer right around the corner, it was time to create a new Art Class collection—and we were in the mood for something a little sweeter.

Target is teaming up with Museum of Ice Cream, which creates fun, interactive experiences intended to bring people together through shareable ice cream-themed spaces. The partnership includes a pastel-hued, endlessly fun Art Class collection—and so much more! Launching in stores and online on June 3, the collection will highlight Museum of Ice Cream’s signature playful aesthetic brought to life across an apparel and accessories collection in summery prints, patterns and colors. We’re talking gummy bear graphic tees, banana-patterned separates, pastel roller skates and beyond!

Kids wearing the new Art Class Museum of Ice Cream collection

“We want guests to experience a true sense of joy when they’re shopping at Target, and one way we do this is through partnerships we think they’ll love,” said Mark Tritton, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, Target. “When our team visited the first Museum of Ice Cream in New York City, they instantly knew it was something special. Between our shared values of joy, creativity, focus on design and unique experiences, this partnership allows us to give guests a taste of Museum of Ice Cream’s signature aesthetic, right at their local Target store and on, this summer.”

Which brings us to the next exciting part of this partnership: ice cream! Museum of Ice Cream will be launching seven ice cream flavors at Target starting July 8! Target is the first retailer to sell the premium flavors, which include five new flavors—Nana Banana, Cherrylicious, Chocolate Crush, Churro Churro and Vanillionaire—as well as Museum of Ice Cream’s classic flavors, Piñata and Sprinkle Pool.

Another part of the partnership—you might call it the cherry on top—kicks off this June, when Target will sponsor Museum of Ice Cream’s newest concept, The Pint Shop. The Pint Shop is an interactive space in New York City where guests can explore oversized pint installations and have the opportunity to indulge in a one-of-a-kind tasting experience. 

“We launched Museum of Ice Cream in New York in 2016 because we loved ice cream and felt that there were very few products in the world that matched the accessibility and universal love that ice cream brings,” said Maryellis Bunn, Museum of Ice Cream founder and creative director. “This will be the first Museum of Ice Cream product that will be available across the country. It was a dream to team up with Target to bring the vision of Museum of Ice Cream nationwide and beyond the walls of our spaces.”

Can’t wait for the full Art Class collection launch on June 3? Check out a few of our favorite pieces, below!

Museum of Ice Cream Art Class collection will be available in most Target stores and online at beginning June 3 for a limited time. The collection will range from $5.99 to $59.99, with most items under $25. Museum of Ice Cream ice cream will be available at nearly all Target stores July 8.

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