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Chocolate chip cookies,

What do chocolate chip cookies, fried chicken and peach caprese have in common? They’re all recipes you’ll find in in Joanna Gaines’ new cookbook, “Magnolia Table”! And because we know our guests love Chip and Joanna as much as we do, we’re offering an exclusive Hearth & Hand with Magnolia edition of the book that you’ll only find at Target.

This special edition (available now!) includes seven exclusive recipes, featuring delicious dishes like bacon and cheddar quiche and an open-faced grilled cheese with arugula and balsamic reduction drizzle, as well as bonus photographs and a handwritten note from Joanna.

From breakfast, lunch and dinner to small plates, snacks and desserts, there are over 100 recipes highlighting American classics and Gaines’ family favorites, as well as selections from the couple's newly opened restaurant, Magnolia Table. And because Joanna has such a passion for her garden, many of these dishes were inspired by homegrown and seasonal produce.

We sat down with Joanna to get the inside scoop on the cookbook, its inspiration and more.

Why did you want to create a cookbook?
For me, this cookbook is a celebration of bringing people together. After years of failed attempts in the kitchen and a lot of practice, I’ve learned that cooking isn’t about a picture-perfect dinner spread—it’s about enjoying the process and sharing a slow meal with the ones you love. That time with Chip and the kids is something that grounds me when life feels like it’s moving too fast. So whether you’re looking to add a few dishes to your recipe collection or you’re just starting out experimenting in the kitchen, what I’m really hoping is that you’ll find something on these pages that inspires you to set aside a few extra minutes to gather your loved ones around the table. 

What was the inspiration behind these cookbook recipes?
A lot of these recipes are tried and true favorites that I’ve been perfecting for years, like my biscuits and chocolate chip cookies. Others were inspired by meals we’ve had with our family and friends. What’s really fun is that a lot of dishes you see on the menu at Magnolia Table are also in this cookbook. That was important to me, because I love the idea of you being able to visit us here in Waco, share a meal at the restaurant, and then take this cookbook home with you to make your favorites again and again.

Which of the Target-exclusive recipes is your favorite? Why?
The corn chowder recipe is one of Chip’s favorites. When it's ready to serve, the fact that everyone can personalize their bowl of chowder with their favorite toppings makes this a quick and simple family favorite.

If you’re looking to whip up Joanna’s corn chowder before you get your hands on the book, check out the Target-exclusive “Magnolia Table” recipe below.

bowl of corn chowder with toppings

Corn chowder recipeThe Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Target-exclusive edition of “Magnolia Table” is available now in stores and online at

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