From San Pedro to West Hollywood, Here's How our L.A.-area Teams Welcome Guests

April 5, 2018 - Article reads in
The Koreatown store team cuts the ribbon at their grand opening event

You may have heard that we’re celebrating some exciting news this week: Three new small-format stores are opening across the country, part of the more than 30 Target stores scheduled to open in 2018.

Included are new stores in Burbank and the Koreatown neighborhood in Los Angeles, California—which means we now have more than 100 stores in the greater L.A. area! Our first Target store there opened in 1983, and in 2012, it was one of the first markets where we opened urban-geared store formats that varied from our traditional size. We’ve been growing our presence ever since, and looking for new ways to serve guests in the area.

Each new store we open is a big deal, and our teams put lots of time and effort into getting the details just right. We incorporate the best of our next generation design elements, including digital and technology upgrades, enhanced merchandise presentations and fulfillment services like Order Pickup to make shopping fast, efficient and fun. We’re committed to building our stores sustainably too, knowing it’s important to our guests and right for the planet. In fact, more than 1,500 of our stores across the U.S. are Energy Star Certified and 436 have rooftop solar panels. (More than half of our stores in the L.A. area have those energy-saving features.)  

And even with more than 100 stores in the L.A. area, we know that no two are exactly alike, and guests in neighborhoods just a few miles apart can have vastly different needs. So we customize each store with products and experiences local guests tell us they want most.

We talked to four of our local store team leaders (STLs) to hear all about what their unique guests come looking for, and how their teams deliver relevant experiences every day.

A headshot of Karissa

Karissa Austin, STL, West Hollywood, California

On her store’s guests: Since we’re right in the middle of Hollywood, we see all types! We help lots of tourists looking for souvenirs, and sometimes studio assistants who work nearby come in to shop our trendy fashions and home décor to use in their TV shows and movies. There are also local guests who tend to be modern, edgy with a touch of traditional, and they’re all about the latest trends.

Hot right now: Currently, our guests love rosé wine … rosé all day! The Home products are popular too. Our visual merchandiser inspires guests to decorate their houses, and then a month later decorate all over again with new items. They get excited to visit each department and see something new and inspiring.

Any surprise hits? We brought in gorgeous fresh flowers during the holidays and they were a huge hit. Guests tell us they appreciate that they can come to our store and get everything they need (including extras like flowers) for their celebrations in one place.

Her secret to personalizing experiences: We've learned that it’s so important to be in-the-know about everything happening in Hollywood and Los Angeles. From a concert at the Hollywood Bowl to the Pride Parade, we have to be ready and well-stocked with decorations, apparel, snacks, essentials—whatever the guests need to enjoy the event.

A headshot of Leo

Leo Padron, STL, Pacoima, California

On his store’s guests: Our store is the hub of all shopping for the Pacoima neighborhood, as well as neighboring cities like Sylmar, Panorama City, Arleta, Sun Valley and Tujunga. We see a lot of families with two or more kids who shop our store. They’re loyal and passionate about their favorite products and brands. They usually know exactly what they want when they come in and they love a good deal. We have lots of Hispanic guests—the majority of our team is bilingual and can help make sure guests find what they need.

Top sellers: Food items like cereal and milk, chips and soda are big. Anything for kids tends to do well—lots of parents are shopping here. Our new apparel brands A New Day and Goodfellow & Co. have been popular too, along with family-favorite brands like Taki’s, Bimbo, Guerero, Calidad. We always take the season, local trends and cultural significance into consideration when merchandising our products.

Any surprise hits? Guests come in all the time asking for Kombucha and Silk yogurt. So much so that we’ve added several more flavors of Kombucha to our assortment, and worked quickly to bring Silk products into our store.

His secret to personalizing experiences: Culture and diversity are deeply important to our community, so our team often takes part in volunteer activities and events outside the store, like our longtime support for local National Night Out block parties, to show our support. We also know that making sure we’re competitively priced, keeping our store looking great and going above-and-beyond to serve guests keeps them coming back to shop with us.

A headshot of Isela

Isela Navarro, STL, Pico Rivera, California

On her store’s guests: About 90% are Hispanic or Latino, and most are working parents with limited time to shop, usually over the lunch hour or right after work. They tell us they appreciate consistency, affordable and easy-to-find products and a quick checkout.

Most frequent requests: Many guests come in asking for special items or brands their families love, from cookies and Mexican candy to household commodities like Suavitel fabric softener and Fabuloso cleaner. We do our best to always keep a selection of those meaningful products and brands in stock. 

Timing it right: There are a lot of parks and recreational centers near the store, so on weekends, we know we’re going to get tons of requests for outdoor items like coolers, ice, chips, and beer. Stocking those up at the end of the week is key!

Any surprise hits? The Blue Buffalo pet food line that just launched has been very popular—our guests really love their pets and want the best for them.

Her secret to personalizing experiences: Having team members who speak both Spanish and English definitely helps us take care of guests and help them find exactly what they want. Also, our team is well-versed in our deals and ad items to make sure they’re letting guests know the latest.

A headshot of Kevin

Kevin Kuo, STL, San Pedro, California

On his store’s guests: We’re located near the beach, the Port of Los Angeles, and several schools and colleges, so we see a mix of guests—from cruise passengers picking up last-minute travel must-haves (sunblock, towels, etc.) to students stocking up on essentials and school supplies. And all guests love hanging out at our Starbucks!

Top sellers: Guests have really loved our new brand launches, especially Cat & Jack and Goodfellow & Co. They’re also drawn to our wide selection of better-for-you brands in Pets (such as Freshpet) and Baby (such as The Honest Co.).

Any surprise hits? Our guests are very into their pets—products for cats and dogs are always among our top performing products!

His secret to personalizing experiences: We’re part of a tight-knit, passionate community with a lot of history. What our guests love about their San Pedro Target is how we've blended a big-box retailer with an intimate-community feel. For example, we host shopping events with a local non-profit group for lower-income students in our community—and that’s just one way we lend our support.

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