The Newest Episode of NBC’s ‘Superstore’ Puts Target in the Spotlight

March 22, 2018 - Article reads in
The cast and crew filming inside a Target store

If you’re a fan of NBC’s comedy, “Superstore,” you’ll want to tune in for tonight’s episode, where Target plays a starring role as the employer of a former Cloud 9 employee. Scenes were filmed inside a real Target store, and even our mascot, Bullseye, makes an appearance!

It’s part of our larger partnership with NBC Universal, designed to create truly unique content. For example, you may remember last December, when we helped contestants on “The Voice” create epic holiday music mash-ups. And now, TV viewers will see our brand fully integrated into an episode of “Superstore.” With more people skipping ads while they watch TV, creative integrations are an effective part of our marketing mix, helping us connect with audiences through content they care about.

“To be an effective marketer, we have to be able to meet our guests where they are, and when it comes to broadcast, that can be challenging as the trend of ad-skipping increases,” said Rick Gomez, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Target. “We’ve seen strong results from our custom integrations, like the one we’ve created with NBCU for 'Superstore.' In fact, they’ve proven more effective than a traditional TV spot. This approach of math and magic—what we know about today’s consumer, coupled with compelling, authentic content—is what makes Target continue to stand out. The data validates that our guests are big fans of the show, and we think they’ll love seeing their favorite retailer as the guest star of this week’s episode.”

Filming took place earlier this year at our Target store in Burbank, Calif., where our team worked with the cast and crew to provide a taste of what it’s like to work in our stores. Take a peek behind the scenes:

UPDATE: This episode of “Superstore” aired Thursday, March 22. Visit to watch it now.

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