The New Love Taza Collection Has All the Travel Gear and Accessories Your Family Needs

March 13, 2018 - Article reads in
full Love Taza luggage collection

You’ve planned the perfect family vacation—plenty of fun time for the kids, relaxation time for the adults and of course, plenty of quality time spent together. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a round-the-world adventure, you’re going to need a reliable bag, handy accessories and something to keep the kiddos entertained—and Target’s got you covered. Naomi Davis, founder of the popular blog Love Taza, is launching a new collection of travel gear for the whole family and bringing it exclusively to Target! From rolling suitcases and kids’ carry on backpacks to neck pillows and activity kits, the line has everything your family needs to travel in comfort and style—all at an affordable price.

To find out more, we sat down with Naomi, who recently put the products to use with her three adorable kids and husband Josh, who co-designed the collection. Check it out! 

Naomi Davis and family outside an airport with the Love Taza luggage collection

Tell us about the luggage collection! What were the inspirations behind the designs?
My husband and I have loved traveling the world with our family since our children were babies. We have found travel to be such an incredible bonding experience as we explore, discover and try new things together on different adventures. We were inspired by these trips, the color in our lives and our desire to share what we've learned while traveling so everyone else can have more fun exploring too!

Why did you want to create a luggage collection?
I get a lot of questions specifically around family travel and how to keep little ones entertained and happy. It can definitely be hard and intimidating at times to think about being on a plane with a little one, or on a long drive in a confined space with a tiny toddler! So we wanted to create a family luggage collection that helped problem solve a few of the areas that may appear overwhelming or tricky when traveling with little ones, while also keeping the collection as a whole cohesive, stylish and efficient for everyone!

Naomi Davis' children walking through an airport with their Love Taza backpacks

What was the creation process like?
The creation process was so much fun for us. We love color—I can't tell you how giddy I was last week when traveling with the collection to spot my white and red bag in a sea of black and navy luggage pieces at baggage claim! When traveling, we often seek out colorful and exciting destinations, and I think your luggage should be an extension of that. We also knew we wanted to find solutions for travel problems like finding activities for kids, packing, storing electronics or even carrying a camera. We want everyone who uses Taza luggage to feel excited to make new memories... not worried about their bags. 

What is it like to see your line of luggage at Target?
I'm a big fan of Target, I mean, how can you not be?! Josh and I couldn’t be more excited about launching this collection, and I still can't believe Target is selling it! I hope others will love using these pieces as they travel with their loved ones as much as we have loved putting it together this past year!

Ready to see the collection? Check it out, below!

Love Taza travel gear and accessories range in price from $12.99 to $139.99 and can be found in Target stores and online at!

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