Yes Way Rosé Is Introducing Its Signature Rosé and It’s Available At Target

February 22, 2018 - Article reads in
Collage of Yes Way Rose wine bottles

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of Yes Way Rosé. Maybe you follow their gorgeous millennial pink Insta, or maybe you’ve seen their branded totes and candles. Or maybe you’re just totallé into rosé. At Target, we’re also into the pink drink, which is why we’re excited to be the first to offer Yes Way Rosé’s flagship rosé!

“Our guests love shopping at Target because they know they can always count on us for something new and fresh,” said Mark Tritton, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer, Target. “Based on the incredible success we’ve seen in our adult beverage business, we were really excited to learn that Yes Way Rosé was introducing their first wine. We think our guests will be equally excited to find this new option at Target, just in time for rosé season.”

Lifestyle brand Yes Way Rosé was created in 2013 by then fashion editor Erica Blumenthal and art director Nikki Huganir, best friends who decided to turn their love of the wine into an Instagram account. The two grew their passion into a stylish line of products with a bold logo and, fast-forward four years, it was time to make a wine of their own. The two traveled to the south of France to find the very best blend of classic Mediterranean grapes. The result? A premium rosé that’s dry and complex with tasting notes of strawberry, citrus and white peach. And beginning March 4, Yes Way Rose’s rosé will launch first at Target stores nationwide for just $12.99!

Want to know more? We sat down with Erica and Nikki to talk all things rosé. Read on!

Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir in a vineyard

What inspired you to start the Yes Way Rosé brand?
We’re best friends and discovered our love for rosé together over countless summer dinners. The beauty of the wine, matched with its dry and refreshing taste, had a special effect on us, turning any time, no matter how low key, into something special. We started the Instagram account in 2013 to share how rosé was inspiring endless humor and opportunities for joy in our lives. We certainly weren’t intending to start a brand, but we had a gut feeling that we were on to something, not just a wine trend but a community and an opportunity to celebrate female friendship. 

How is Yes Way Rosé rosé different from other rosés?
We like to say it’s a qualité rosé that doesn’t take itself too seriouslé. While a big part of our vision is making wine fun and easy, behind the scenes we put a lot of thought into creating a wine that we could truly call Yes Way Rosé. The priority was making a delicious wine, but we also wanted it to be as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. We bring a modern look and a sense of humor to our rosé, qualities that don’t always go hand-in-hand with the wine world.

Why did you decide to introduce Yes Way Rosé rosé first at Target?
It's the perfect fit for our brand, which is about finding opportunities for celebration while also aiming to be approachable to all. We deeply connect to Target’s mission of offering quality and affordable products with a focus on great design. It echoes exactly what our objectives are with Yes Way Rosé wine—to create an exceptionally beautiful, high quality rosé that’s accessible to as many people as possible. We want anyone who thinks pink to be in on the fun. 

Rose tasting samples

Any interesting stories to share about how the new rosé was developed?
Developing this wine has been the most incredible process. The highlight was definitely traveling to the south of France to taste samples and work on our own blend. The fact that we were in the motherland of rosé had us pinching ourselves! After tasting several options, when we knew we had found the ONE that would become Yes Way Rosé, we immediately broke into dance. As BFFs who have known each other since we were kids, we like to keep it silly sometimes and celebrate our successes, even while on the job. A huge part of what makes this whole journey so special is that we get to do it together, and in doing so we hope to inspire other friends, specifically women, to pursue dreams and create together.

How do you best enjoy the rosé? What specific foods do you suggest pairing with it?
Our second greatest love is cheese and our rosé happens to be the perfect match with everything from mild soft cheeses to stinky blues. We also love it with grilled seafood dishes, light pastas and charcuterie as well as spicy food like barbecue and curries. When we work late we'll open a bottle to sip with our favorite New York City pizza. Yes Way Rosé is best served chilled while chilling.

What is in your Target cart (post-rosé launch, of course)?
We are really loving all of the pink at Target right now! There are a few pieces from Project 62 that we’re eyeing for our office and the accent pillows are amazing. We also love the packaging for the Kristin Ess haircare line!

Yes Way Rosé wine will be available beginning March 4 at over 1,100 Target stores nationwide for $12.99.

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