Start the New Year Off Right With Decluttering Tips and Organizing Tricks From The Home Edit

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This time of year, everyone seems to be on a serious decluttering kick. But between resolutions to stay organized and making room for new gifts from the holidays, we don’t even know where to begin. That’s why we called in the experts—Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, the duo behind popular organization company The Home EditThe Nashville-based team is known for tackling cluttered spaces and turning them into social media-worthy organized masterpieces.

How do they do it? We’ll show you! Check out this time-lapse video to see just how easy it is to create an ultra-organized pantry.

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Ready for more? We sat down with Clea and Joanna to find out their best decluttering and organizing tips to start the new year off right.

Tip #1: Start With a Small Project
 Don’t feel like you need to tackle an entire room at once. Instead, start with smaller projects like a junk drawer or the space under your sink, and move your way up. Not only are they less time-consuming, but they give you the same reward! It’s visually easiest to start by grouping items together, like pens, notepads or lone rubber bands, then categorizing what to keep, toss, or repurpose, especially if you have any duplicates. 

Tip #2: Take Measurements Before You Shop and Make a List
: With a pared-down supply, it’s easier to decide what you need storage-wise. Before heading to the store, measure the cabinets and shelving you’re planning to use. Items like basketsdividers, jars and turntables will help you maximize the space you have and create a system that works for you. When deciding, keep in mind what items you use the most and how you can access them best. We love an aesthetically pleasing space, but just remember—function comes first!

organized linen closet

Tip #3: Enlist Your Household to Help So Everyone Is on Board
 Maintenance is crucial to long-term success, so start by getting your whole house involved in the beginning stages and letting them participate. They’ll be more likely to keep things organized if they know where to find everything, and where it goes once they’re done.

Tip #4: Make Room For New Things
 When it comes to the actual editing process, we ask the same three questions: 1) Do you need it? 2) Do you ever use it? 3) Do you ever want to use it? If the answer is “no” to any of the above, it’s time to ditch or donate. Keep two labeled bins or trash bags close by to keep everything in order. 

organized pantry

Tip #5: Decluttering Doesn’t Mean You Have To Get Rid Of Everything
 If you can't purge, store it. But don't let it take up your valuable everyday real estate. It all comes back to the three questions above. If you don’t love it, need it, or haven’t touched it in a year—it’s time to reassess. For those items you still can't decide on, stay in the groove and keep moving. You can reevaluate in the same edit session, just not at a later date. It’ll only be that much harder.

Tip #6: Bring On The Baskets
 Large baskets are one of the most practical and versatile items in a home. They’re durable and versatile enough to store items of all different shapes and sizes, from toys and blankets to laundry and groceries. They’re also our favorite option to organize items that you use often, but don’t want on display. Baskets can also double as decorative pieces, which is a plus!

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