Psst, Parents… Already Running Short On Ideas? Say Aloha To These Epic Elf On The Shelf Adventures

November 30, 2017 - Article reads in
Two elves, dressed in Hawaiian attire, enjoy an island scene

Ah, the rosy-cheeked, mischievous Elf on the Shelf—it draws squeals of excitement from kiddos and puts parents’ creativity (and memory) to the test. In honor of #ScoutElfReturnWeek, we’re serving up some seriously fun elf adventures to spark imaginations young and old. Just stop by Target, your Elf on the Shelf headquarters (second only to the North Pole, of course!). Pick up a few props, including super-cute only-at-Target Claus Couture outfits or a Letters to Santa kit, and take all the credit for your kiddo’s huge grins.

New to the wintry world of Elf on the Shelf? It’s an ever-growing Christmas tradition that’s captured kids’ hearts. During the holiday season, over 11 million families welcome Santa’s scout elves into their homes. The magical creatures report naughty and nice behavior to Santa each night, only to return to a new adventure each morning. Santa’s grown-up helpers can find tons of ideas for their elves on social media and Pinterest, from the super-simple to master-level-elaborate.

At Target, we think you should have all the excitement without the extra work! So we’ve curated the perfect assortment of Elf on the Shelf fun. Want to adopt a scout elf? We’ve got ‘em. Looking for fun partners in crime for your elf? Check out our reindeer and St. Bernards. We even have a “Letters to Santa” kit where you read a story and your child writes a letter to Santa on special shrinking paper (hey, it’s gotta be tiny so the elf can deliver to Santa) that transforms into a keepsake ornament.

An elf sits next to "Letters to Santa" packagingReady to take your elf game to the next level, effortlessly? We’ve rounded up some cute, easy ideas… and you can quickly grab everything you need at Target.

An elf in ski gear goes over a jumpSuper skier
Whether he’s zipping down a bannister or doing a sofa slalom, this scout elf—decked out in the Target-exclusive arctic ski set—has his eyes on the prize and his head in the clouds.  

An elf in skating attire posesGold medalist
Lace up those skates and get ready to twirl! Your elf will look elegant and graceful in this artic ice skater attire, and it’s only at Target.

Two elves in Hawaiian attire relax on an islandIsland adventurers
Turn up the heat and set sail for tropical fun with Target-exclusive holiday hula wear or Ho Ho Ho Hawaiian shirt.

Two elves sneak cookies from a T-rex cookie jarT-Rex tamers
Have a fun cookie jar (we love this stoneware T-Rex)? Send your elf on a sweet mission—complete with climbing boots from the scout elves at play kit.

A red and white countdown calendar, with an elf popping out of one of the cupsThe final countdown
If you’re game for some easy DIY fun, turn plastic cups and tissue paper (filled with little treasures and treats, of course) into the ultimate holiday countdown.

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