Our Expanded Google Partnership Means We Can All Shop Target Hands-Free While Lying on Our Couch

October 12, 2017 - Article reads in
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Target products with the Google Express and Target logos

What’s the capital of Maine? How do you clean melted crayon off carpet? Is there gluten in this? What is gluten?

Most of us already rely on Google to get through the day. Now, Target fans have even more reason to use Google: Starting today, consumers nationwide can shop their local Target store assortment using Google Express—an easy home delivery shopping service we’ve been testing in California and New York City.

Even better, guests can now shop for those items using the Google Assistant on voice-activated Google Home devices and Android TV – and soon – eligible Android phones and iPhones. That literally means you can lay on the couch, close your eyes and list out loud the Target items on your shopping list…and then Google and Target will take it from there.

iPhone screenshot of Google Express

Got questions? We’ve got answers:

So wait, back up, what is Google Express? 
Google Express helps you get your shopping done fast. You can use the Google Express app or website, Google Home or Android TV (we’ll get to that) to shop from retailers like Target and have the items delivered to your door.

The service is available across the continental U.S. (not including Alaska and Hawaii), and requires no shipping or service fees for delivery when you meet a retailer’s order minimum. And since the Target assortment comes straight from store shelves, your orders show up in just two days.

Starting next year, you’ll even be able to use your Target REDcard to get 5% off most Target purchases and free shipping when you use Google Express.

Um, THAT sounds amazing. And what is this Google Home device you speak of? 
Google Home is a voice-activated device powered by Google Assistant that’s triggered by simple voice requests to do things like play music, or answer questions like: “How can I get my kids to sleep?” (Also: Its sleek design is worthy of any Project 62 living room.)

Starting today, Target guests can simply rattle off their Target shopping list while this dutiful device takes their orders. Plus, next year guests can choose to link their Target.com and Google accounts, so the service will remember all your fave items. “Ok Google, reorder Market Pantry cereal from Target.”

Ok, so how would I use all this? 
We actually have a pretty good idea about how guests will use it, because we’ve been testing Google Express for a couple years.

Target guests use Google Express the same way they shop in stores: They start with a mission to pick up the basics – think 8-packs of La Croix sparkling water (the most-ordered item through Google Express by guests in San Francisco) – then remember they could use paper towels, diapers and Goody hair bands (most-ordered beauty item in Los Angeles).

But what if I’d rather go to a store for my Target run? I mean, how else am I going to stumble on that must-have lip gloss and to-die-for mid-century lamp when all I came in for was toothpaste?  
Funny you should mention it! Next year, you can choose to have your Google Express order picked up in a Target store. With orders ready for pickup in two hours, you’ll quickly be on your way, leaving you more time to stroll the aisles. 

Also: We’re teaming up with Google to create innovative digital experiences using voice and other cutting-edge technologies to elevate Target’s strength in style areas such as home, apparel and beauty. Work is underway for Google and Target teams to bring this all to life. So stay tuned for more from these two powerhouse teams!

To view Google’s announcement, click here.

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