Box Mixes, Madeover: Wait ‘Til You Taste Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Foodstirs

October 9, 2017 - Article reads in
Galit Laibow and Sarah Michelle Gellar mix ingredients in a white kitchen

Craving homemade treats fresh from the oven, but don’t love spending hours in the kitchen—or baking from a box? Turns out from scratch can be easy and kits can be chock-full of goodness. Say hello to Foodstirs by Sarah Michelle Gellar. This new line of family-and-planet-friendly baking mixes are quick, easy, organic, non-GMO and deliciously simple. The scrumptious collection’s now at Target—and we’ve even got a few exclusives that’ll curb any craving (snickerdoodle blondies, chocolate chip pumpkin bread or pumpkin spice pancakes, anyone?).

When they couldn’t find wholesome, easy mixes to bake with their families, friends-turned-business-partners Sarah Michelle Gellar and Galit Laibow (pictured above) and Greg Fleishman decided to take the batter into their own hands—and into their own kitchens. Now they’re stirring up the food industry with Foodstirs. We sat down with Sarah Michelle for the scoop:

Have you always enjoyed baking?
While I was always a professional consumer of baked goods, I was definitely not a professional when it came to preparing them. Sometimes the very idea of baking can seem overwhelming and difficult. With Foodstirs, we make it easy for anyone to make the most delicious treats with the best ingredients.

How has becoming a mom changed your perspective?
I’ve always cared about what I put in my body, but as a mom, that increased tenfold. I am entirely responsible for these little humans. I am also aware that it’s my responsibility to teach them about ingredients, where they come from and how that affects the planet we live on. And most importantly, being in the kitchen as a family is about making memories and connections that last a lifetime.

Is that why you started Foodstirs?
Our children were definitely our inspiration. Our kids showed interest in learning how to bake, and we knew about the incredible benefits of getting young children in the kitchen, from fine and gross motor skills to language, science and mathematical skills. But we had no idea where to begin. We were surprised that there were no readily-available mixes that were organic, non-GMO, ethically-sourced and tasted great. So, we decided to create Foodstirs, making baking mixes that are ultra-sustainable, easy-to-make, accessibly priced and have a delicious, from-scratch taste. Plus, as parents, we know how busy the day gets. Most of our mixes can be made in less than 25 minutes and some by only adding two ingredients. And while they may be quick to make, the memories (and the smells) last a lifetime. We don’t mind if you say you spent “hours” making chocolate chip cookies—we won’t tell.

Sarah Michelle Gellar sits cross-legged on a kitchen counter, holding a variety of Foodstirs mixesHow do you come up with the different concepts? Any favorites?
We love asking our families what they would like to see us create, then we go on the hunt for the perfect ingredients to make them. It’s a tough job tasting all these incredibly delicious foods, but I will make the sacrifice! But asking me to pick a favorite is like asking me to pick my favorite child. These mixes are all my babies—not to mention the new ones we are currently creating. I love how easy and delicious our pancakes are, and it always makes me feel good sending my kids off with such a healthy breakfast. But our chocolate chip cookies are also the BEST. I love them all.

We have to ask—what’s in your Target cart?
Ha! What isn’t in my cart? I have incredible slogan tees for every occasion. I love dressing my kids in Cat & Jack, knowing how stylish they look at such a good price. My go-to kid’s birthday party gift is a Cat & Jack backpack filled with Yoobi supplies (ok, and maybe a Foodstirs mix thrown in). Right now I am loving all the new home décor items. I am the very definition of the person who goes into Target for paper towels and comes out with a new wardrobe, a redecorated bedroom, enough food for the apocalypse, and a full-body unicorn onesie.

Ready to dig in to the deliciousness?

Go ahead, get baking! Head to Target or for these (and more) delicious Foodstirs mixes and kits. 

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