Ready for Halloween? Camille Styles Has a Few Party Tricks (and Treats) to Help You Get There

October 11, 2017 - Article reads in
Camille Styles decorated Halloween tablescape

Here’s a scary thought: It’s already October and Halloween’s just a few short weeks away. We know, we know—this one really snuck up on us, too. But parents, before you get too spooked, just remember that Target is full of tricks and treats to help make sure your Halloween festivities turn out ghoulishly great.

Not only that, we’ve got Target Entertaining Expert Camille Styles on our side to show us how to easily pull together a festive, budget-friendly Halloween party that kids, parents and pets will love! She recently shopped Target’s new Hyde & EEK! Boutique—a branded destination within Target stores where guests can find Halloween décor, costumes, candy and more all in one convenient place—to get ready for a sweet-and-spooky party of her own.

You have to see the photos and hosting tips that came out of this picture-perfect party. Camille’s so good at this entertaining thing, it’s spooky.

Tip 1: Candles Are Always a Good Idea
Black and orange candles arranged with Halloween decor

Flickering candlelight makes everything feel more special, and on Halloween, it adds a spooky element too,” said Camille. “I decked my mantle out with different types of candles in varying heights, like Target's Halloween Black Glitter Candelabra, to create an inviting glow that's visible as soon as you walk through the door.”

Tip 2: Think Out of This World
Gold star balloons and black "BOO" balloons over a buffet table

“Every Halloween party needs a good theme, and giving your decor a celestial spin is both on-theme yet unpredictable,” said Camille. “The starry night motifs and dark moody colors on Target's affordable Halloween decor sets the scene for a festive evening, while still being stylish. And I really love the Boo Balloon Banner, which we hung over the table, because it made a big impact when guests arrived.”

Tip 3: Get Creative with Your Candy
Various Halloween candy set out with s'mores ingredients

“Put those sweets to good use by incorporating Halloween candy into a build-your-own s'mores bar,” said Camille. “Kit Kats, Snickers and Reese's all taste even better when melted between a marshmallow and two graham crackers.”

Tip 4: Set Out Spooktacular Games
Halloween games and snacks

“Keep guests of all ages celebrating together and making memories long after the trick-or-treating has ended with fun games, like Halloween Bingo and Pin the Pumpkin,” said Camille.

Tip 5: Finish Things Off With the Easiest Favors Ever
Bubbles with tags that say "Monster Repellent"

Bubbles are always a crowd pleaser,” said Camille. “We gave ours a Halloween spin by labeling them ‘monster repellant,’ and setting them by the front door for guests to grab just before heading out to the spooky streets!”

Tip 6: Get Pets in on the Fun
Party guests dressed up in Halloween costumes — including a dog in a pizza costume.

“Pets are part of the family, which means they should also be part of the festivities,” said Camille. “Dress your pup up in a costume from Target's amazing selection, and trick-or-treat him to some amazing Halloween-themed toys too.”

Tip 7: Alternative Kids Costumes
Two kids showing off Cat & Jack Halloween clothing

“Costumes can occasionally be uncomfortable for kids with itchy fabrics and runny face paint,” said Camille. "I was so thrilled to find that Target’s Cat & Jack Kids’ line has these festive Halloween-themed graphic teesleggings, fun accessories and more that give kids the freedom to run around and play while still looking spooktacular.”

Hyde & EEK! Boutique décor, costumes and candy are now available in Target stores and on

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