Skip Delivery: These Better-Than-Ever Pizzas Are Your New Game Day All-Stars

September 26, 2017 - Article reads in
Three pizza boxes, including two Simply Balanced and one Archer Farms

Football season’s finally here, and we’re already drooling over the thought of delicious game day fare. The real MVP of any game? Pizza, of course! And you’ll want to skip delivery and give Target a shot this season, because we’ve given our Simply Balanced and Archer Farms frozen pizzas a winning upgrade.

Gooey cheese, chewy, baked-to-perfection crust and all your favorite toppings (hold the anchovies!)—what’s not to love about pizza? And our guests can’t get enough—we sell a lot of frozen pizzas every year (with football season nabbing a big slice of the pie). But we’re always looking for ways to make our products taste even better.

So earlier this summer, our Target Test Kitchen team got to work. They developed a new wood-fired crust while overhauling our Simply Balanced and select Archer Farms frozen pizzas. And we’re giving you a taste today, just in time for kick-off:

  • It’s all about the base. We scoured the globe to find the perfect crust and it turns out that artisans in Italy have them down pat. Fear not, connoisseurs—we’re now serving up two styles so you can find exactly what you like. Our traditional crusts feature a thin center and relatively high crust edge and crispier texture. And our new, wood-fired crusts are built on that same tradition with simple, high-quality ingredients prepared in authentic Italian style, right in Modena, Italy! They’re bready and thick to complement the heavier meat and cheese toppings.
  • Hand-crafted touches. While most frozen pizza crusts are “stamped” flat by factor machines, our Italian crusts are stretched by human hands, creating the perfect texture when baked (not to mention that artisan look we love). Plus, many are hand-topped.
  • Tons of toppings. From goat cheese to whole fresh basil leaves, many of your favorites are carefully placed on your pie by (a super-generous) hand. Think more meats and cheeses, loaded all the way up to the crust edge.

Getting hungry? Us too. Check out a few of our brand new faves, featuring our new, wood-fired crust:

Simply Balanced spinach and feta cheese pizzaSimply Balanced Spinach & Feta
This flavor combo’s entirely new, organic, and brimming with delicious spinach and feta.

Archer Farms three meat pizzaArcher Farms Three Meat
Another all-new pizza pie, this one combines mozzarella cheese, Italian sausage, pepperoni and bacon. Yum.

Simply Balanced margherita pizzaSimply Balanced Margherita
How to improve upon a classic? Hand place halved cherry tomatoes on our new wood-fired crust!

Archer Farms four cheese pizzaArcher Farms Four Cheese
Anything but basic! This guest fave got some big upgrades with melty mix of four mouth-watering cheeses for a rich flavor seldom found in the frozen aisle.

At just $4.99-$5.99, Target’s the only place to find these pies, so head to your local store to stock up now! Whether your team wins or loses, your pizza game will definitely be on point.

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