The Mane Choice Is Introducing a Heavenly New Haircare Line… And It’s Only At Target

September 11, 2017 - Article reads in
New Heavenly Halo product line from The Mane Choice brand

Tired of dry, brittle hair that breaks easily and never seems to grow? The struggle is real—no one knows that better than The Mane Choice founder Courtney Adeleye. Now known for her gorgeously long locks, the registered nurse fussed for years over her own dry, damaged hair until she put her health and science knowledge to the test and took matters into her own hands. In 2013, her healthy haircare company was born.

Now, The Mane Choice is introducing something that’s pure haircare bliss: the Heavenly Halo collection, available exclusively at Target! With six must-have products—formulated with unique hydrating and frizz-calming ingredients like yucca root, palmarosa oil and burdock root oil—the collection also includes the brand’s first ever Pre-Poo, Softening Milk and Serum Oil Mist.

Before you run out and stock up on the latest goodies (the line launched yesterday!), catch up with Courtney about the new products and why they’re different from anything else on the market, below:

Product collage of different Heavenly Halo products

Tell us about Heavenly Halo! Why did you want to team up with Target on this exclusive line?
Target has been monumental in the success and visibility of The Mane Choice brand. Having Heavenly Halo in Target means automatic accessibility of my brand to our shared consumer. I strongly believe that Target’s guest is my consumer, and she will be delighted to see something new, that lives up to its promise, on the shelf of a retailer she trusts.

What sets the products apart from other products out there?
The Heavenly Halo Collection is specifically formulated to aid in obtaining and maintaining hydrated hair. No healthy hair regimen is complete without it! As with each of our products, they're physician-formulated with biotin, vitamins and essential nutrients. PLUS, they're highly beneficial for all hair types.

Some of the ingredients are really unique (i.e. Yucca Root). Can you tell us about how you create the products and why you chose the ingredients?
It's important to me that my products are both unique and highly effective. I spend a great deal of time researching ingredients that would be relevant to what I need the products to deliver, and I only choose the best ingredients that are in alignment with that goal.

How should guests incorporate these products into their haircare routine?
Always begin with the Pre-Poo on dry hair to help loosen dirt, break down product buildup and act as a buffer to shield strands from the shampooing process. Using a daily conditioner after shampooing is necessary for overall maintenance, but a deep conditioning mask provides more long-term results and should be incorporated into your regimen every one to two weeks. After cleansing and conditioning, apply the Softening Milk, which is a lightweight, daily moisturizing milk that softens, hydrates, and conditions your hair for curly or straight styling. Finally, apply the Serum Oil Mist to the finished style. It seals in all that hydration and can be sprayed directly onto the hair or into the hand, first, for more controlled application.

Heavenly Halo is now available in stores and online at, at prices ranging from $15 to $20.

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