Get Your Glow On: New Target-Exclusive Line Is K-Beauty, Made Easy

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K-Beauty Routine Kits

Here at Target, we’re all about keeping our beauty aisles stocked with the latest trends and must-have items. With hundreds of premium offerings and better-for-you products, we’ve consistently sought out brands guests love and are always on the hunt for the next best thing. And speaking of the next best thing…we’re expanding our assortment of K-Beauty—a trend that’s here to stay—by partnering with the best in the biz! Allow us to introduce Glow Studio for Target, brought to you by the seasoned K-Beauty experts at Glow Recipe.

“K-Beauty is one of the fastest growing categories in premium skincare at Target, and this fall, we’re continuing to add newness to our assortment with the launch of Glow Studio for Target, a collection developed alongside the seasoned K-Beauty experts from the e-commerce site Glow Recipe,” said Mark Tritton, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at Target. “This Target-exclusive collection allows our guests to effortlessly incorporate K-Beauty products into their beauty regimen, all for an incredible price. It’s also another great example of how we’re partnering with digital brands who are experts in their field to curate a selection of compelling products conveniently for our guests at Target.”

Making its debut Sept 10., the Glow Studio for Target collection will feature exclusive four-step routine kits—a first in the marketplace—that simplify the typical 10-step K-Beauty regimen into a more user-friendly experience. The collection will also introduce Whamisa by Glow Recipe, a Target-exclusive line of green and chai tea recipe skincare products, as well as products from Make P:rem and LJH, both popular and highly recommended K-Beauty brands.

Not only is this another win for our beauty-savvy guests, it’s also another example of Target’s continued journey of partnering with digital-first brands (likeHarry’sCasper and BARK, just to name a few!) to bring guests convenient access to these exciting new brands as part of their regular Target run.

We caught up with Glow Recipe co-founders Sarah Lee and Christine Chang to learn more about the exclusive Target collection, get their tips on how best to use the products and more, below!

photo collage of Glow Studio for Target products

What inspired the collection, Glow Studio for Target?
Sarah Lee: Glow Studio for Target is brought to you by the seasoned team behind K-Beauty retailer, Glow Recipe. As the experiential arm, Glow Studio has been part of Glow Recipe’s strategy since inception. Glow Studio's mission has always been clear: bring high-quality, natural K-beauty products to consumers in a fun, accessible, and offline experience.

Christine Chang: As our mission is to bring K-Beauty to consumers in an accessible manner and Target is committed to bringing their guests the latest beauty trends and experiences, it was only natural for us to partner. We believe that discovering and buying K-Beauty should be easy and enjoyable and via this special partnership, it can be! Our team is incredibly excited to launch Glow Studio for Target.

Can you walk us through the 4-step K-Beauty kits? What inspired you to cut down on the number of steps in more traditional K-Beauty skincare routines?
Sarah Lee: Each K-Beauty trial kit is equipped with the absolute essentials of a well-rounded skincare routine. We set the kits up this way to make sure anyone who's picking one up—regardless of their familiarity with K-Beauty—will instantly have all the bases covered. Then from there it will be up to them what they add (or don't add)! We like to call these kits “the building blocks” of the K-Beauty ritual. Everyone will use these kits and feel like they're more in control of meeting their personal skincare needs—and it's super empowering to learn to listen to your skin!

Regarding the Whamisa by Glow Recipe products, why did you focus on green tea and chai tea as central ingredients? What are they good for?
CC: Green Tea is an amazing natural inflammatory that helps to hydrate, provide antioxidants and normalize oiliness. Chai tea and turmeric are both terrifically energizing for the skin, helping to plump and firm over time while delivering age-defying antioxidants. We wanted to create treatments that included tea at potent concentrations, in really clean and sensorial formulas, that would make sense for a wide range of people!

In general, how do K-beauty routines differ from typical American beauty routines?
CC: K-Beauty routines in Korea are different in that they focus more on prevention rather than treating, on skincare versus makeup. In Korea, there is an implicit understanding of each skincare step and how it affects the skin. K-Beauty routines reflect the idea of creating a good base that can either stand on its own or allow for even better makeup application with really luminous, clear skin that shines through. 

SL: Koreans view skincare as a form of self-care, much like taking care of one’s health. They focus on hydration and using natural ingredients because well-hydrated, well-nourished skin is more balanced and therefore less prone to issues such as acne or pre-mature wrinkles. I like to compare it to the mindset about working out in America—the approach to skincare should be similar. With patience and diligence, anyone can get fit—the same thing goes for skincare!

Check out a sneak preview of the products, below!

Glow Studio for Target will be available in stores and online at starting Sept. 10, at prices ranging from $5 to $38.

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