You’ve Got to See What These Two Teen Sisterpreneurs Are Selling at Target

September 19, 2017 - Article reads in
Close up of different Da Bomb bath fizzers

Teenage sisters Isabel and Caroline Bercaw made their first handmade bath bombs in the basement of their Minneapolis home when they were just 10 and 11 years old. After being disappointed by bath bombs that quite literally fizzled out, the girls were eager to create a product that kept the fun going long after the bath ended. It was less than one year ago when these two driven sisterpreneurs debuted Da Bomb Bath Fizzers — which come with a themed surprise inside each one — at all Target stores across the U.S. And based on double-digit sales growth, these teenage sisters sure are on to something. Guests are loving these fizzy bath bombs, and so starting this month, Da Bomb Bath Fizzers are getting their very own main aisle endcap at Target!

Da Bomb bath fizzers endcap at Target

With catchy names like “Cake Bomb,” “Bling Bomb” and “Cozy Bomb,” the 3.5 oz Target-exclusive bombs include fragrant fizzers made with just a few simple ingredients. But the bath bombs aren’t all fun and games — they’re about giving back, too. Proceeds from the sale of their “Earth Bomb” go to organizations that help clean up the world’s oceans.

We managed to squeeze time into Isabel and Caroline’s busy schedules (between going to school and running a business, of course!) to sit them down for a quick Q&A about their exciting new venture. Hear what they had to say, below:

sisters Isabel and Caroline Bercaw

What sets these bath bombs apart from others on the market?
Isabel: Each one of our bath bombs has a surprise inside, which could be toys, charms, messages and even jewelry. They are all handmade in the USA using just a few simple ingredients, and the packaging is totally unique and patent pending. Our bath bombs produce what we like to call a “clean fizz,” meaning they won’t leave a bunch of gunk and residue in your tub, and our pigments will not stain your skin or your tub.

How was it when you were first starting out?
Caroline: It was exciting because we really had no idea our products would be received so well and take off so quickly!

What’s it like running a company as teenagers?
Caroline: We actually feel really lucky because there are a lot of awesome people in the business world who have helped us along the way. We’re always amazed that our buyers, vendors and other people we interact with are willing to work around our school schedules. People do occasionally underestimate us because of our ages.

Isabel: It’s kind of fun when that happens, though. Once we had a speaking engagement at a local school, and I got yelled at in the hallway by a teacher who told me to get back to class. You should have seen her face when she realized I was there to speak about starting a business!

Tell us about the fun products! How do you come up with the scents and names?
Isabel: Each fizzer has a coordinating name, appearance, fragrance and surprise. The Cake Bomb, for example, smells like almond buttercream and contains a small toy cupcake or cake donut. The Earth Bomb smells like an ocean breeze, looks like the Earth and contains a sea creature toy. 

Why did you want to bring Da Bomb to Target?
Caroline: Target has been an important part of our business from nearly the beginning. When we first started out, we used to dream big and say, “Wouldn’t it be crazy if someday we got our bath bombs into Target?” It was the ultimate goal. Then, much to our surprise, Target approached us

Isabel: It’s surreal to walk into Target and see our products on the shelves!

Da Bomb bath fizzers are available in all Target stores for $4.99 a piece.

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