We’ve Officially Added Cartwheel into the Target App to Make Life Easier

August 28, 2017 - Article reads in
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Andrew Weisbecker, Target’s senior director of apps and digital strategy, explains what guests can expect from the improved Target app, which now includes Cartwheel.

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We’ve been working to evolve the Target app with new features that bring guests a better, simpler shopping experience. Guests already use it to plan their trip and search for items as they shop our stores and online. Today, I’m happy to share that we’ve taken a major step in that journey: We’ve moved Target’s popular savings program, Cartwheel, into the Target app.

Guests can now access everything they love about Cartwheel — like the ability to find deals at their store, redeem savings with one barcode scan and watch their lifetime savings soar — plus so much more. No need to switch back and forth, or maintain separate apps. Guests asked for this and we’re happy to deliver.

Four white smartphones show different screens in the Target appExcited to get started? Whether you’re new, or already using the Target or Cartwheel apps, here’s the scoop: 

1. Download the Target app to your device (if you don’t have it already) — it’s listed as “Target—now with Cartwheel.”

2. Open up the Target app and you’ll be prompted to log in to your Target.com account. This simple login makes it easier to use the app from that point forward — from maintaining your Cartwheel info to viewing past order history.

  • Not sure you have a Target.com account? The Target app will help you locate an existing account tied to your email address.
  • Need to create a new Target.com account? Don’t worry — you’ll be prompted to set one up in a few easy steps.

3. Cartwheel users, take note: If you used a social account like Facebook or Google, you’ll need to move to a Target.com account to make sure your existing offer list and lifetime savings transfer over to the Target app. It’ll also help us bring you more of those fun, personalized “For You” offers.

4. Start browsing, scanning and saving on your next trip to Target.

The team has worked hard to make the change as smooth as possible for the millions of Cartwheel users who have saved more than $1 billion on their in-store purchases. Once guests are set up, the streamlined experience means the best of Target all in one place.

And what’s most exciting is that we’re just getting started! These changes — and more to come, like mobile payment for REDcard holders — are making the Target app the ultimate place for guests to plan, shop and save at Target.

You can download “Target — now with Cartwheel” in the Apple iTunes store and at Google Play

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