Fierce, Fit and Fun: Meet Massy Arias, Target’s New C9 Champion Brand Ambassador

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Massy, wearing black C9 gear, leads the Target team through a workout

She’s transformed her own life, encouraged so many others to get moving as a trainer and Instagram fitness guru and is a new mom. And now, she’s ready to inspire even more go-getters to become the very best versions of themselves. Say hello to Massy Arias, Target’s new C9 Champion brand ambassador.

Earlier this year, Target set out on a quest to redefine strong. Because for us, strong isn’t just about a six-pack—it’s about celebrating the countless ways our guests live active lifestyles, each in their own, everyday ways. We tapped some truly amazing people—real-life inspirations—that live and breathe a new kind of strong. That’s how we first met Massy. We loved her authentic connection with her followers and passion for wellness. She proved to be a great addition to our New Kind of Strong campaign—and the perfect person to represent Target’s exclusive C9 Champion brand.

Massy, wearing blue C9 Champion gear, does a one-handed hand-stand and is shown jumping in the airStay tuned—Massy will be sharing a healthy dose of tips, tricks and inspiration to get you moving. (And believe us, she’s the real deal! She stopped by HQ a couple weeks back, and we’ve never had so much fun breaking a sweat.) You can even try a 5-day, full-body workout plan now.

Massy, wearing black C9 Champion gear, leads the Target team through a work-out in a lighted loft spaceBut first things first…a chance to get to know Massy a little better. Read on for a quick Q&A:

What inspired your fitness journey? 
I was inspired by a desire to be healthy, mentally and physically. Before changing my lifestyle, I was extremely unhealthy. I suffered from asthma, had a very unhealthy diet and struggled with clinical depression. At that point, I knew I needed to make a change, as I was losing my battle to depression. That's when I found fitness—my outlet to physical and mental health.

You’ve said that you had to learn to love your body. How has that shift shaped your work today?
I live by the “love your body” mantra—and it’s the focus of my brand. We women (and men, too), have very different body types. Most people I meet want to look better and have an image in their heads of what they’d like their bodies to look like. I've found that it’s important to point out that you cannot be an exact copy of someone else, but you can definitely achieve the best version of your own body. This idea puts you in the right mindset so when you start seeing changes, you know your body is evolving. And if you don’t see your body transforming into some ideal body type, don’t get discouraged. Being confident and loving your body—always striving to be a better version of yourself—is the best self-motivator.

You now inspire millions. How do you help your clients and social media followers move through their own journeys?
I try to use many different training styles to accommodate all fitness levels. And online, I post a variety of health-focused content to help anyone who’s looking to move better, eat better and find their motivation.

A close-up up Massy and her little girl

Congrats on your new baby girl! How has becoming a mom changed you?
Becoming a mother has made me selfless, more empathetic and has challenged me to be better. Although my daughter is very small and doesn't understand life just yet, I want to be the example in her life so she can grow up to be even better than I've been thus far.

What’s it been like to help Target showcase “A New Kind of Strong”? And what excites you most about becoming our new C9 Champion brand ambassador?
To me Target represents family. After my pregnancy I've had to figure out my new normal (and I’m still working on it). And I’ve had to find a new kind of strong within myself to be able to be a mom, a wife, a business woman, a better athlete and a better coach. Being a brand ambassador for C9 Champion truly excites me as I'll be able to be a living example of what “finding a new kind of strong” is all about. I can’t wait to work with Target to create a community of people who want to be fighters and champions.

Any words of wisdom or encouragement for those who are own their own journeys to healthier, happier lives?
You don’t have to be great to start, but you'll have to start to be great. The key to positive change is to not focus on the old, but to build on the new, as we are creatures of progress. I strive and encourage others to focus on setting small, achievable goals that will eventually translate into huge lifestyle changes.

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