Just Used The Last _______? TargetRun and Done

May 1, 2017 - Article reads in
A hand grabs a red Target basket, full of wipes, a razor, coffee, fabric soften and chips.

In-laws “just stopping in?” Kiddo drew a masterpiece—all over the wall? Book Club’s on, and you’re up to host…tonight? Time for a TargetRun!

Sure, shopping at Target can be a fill-an-entire-cart, where-did-the-last-3-hours-go experience (we’ve got you). But we’re here for those quick, grab-a-basket, run-in-and-move-on trips, too. So as guests roll into the busy spring and summer months, we’re launching a fun little marketing campaign to remind them that we’ve got their back—and their baskets at the ready. TargetRun and Done.

“With our new ‘TargetRun’ campaign, we’re celebrating every day, real-life moments—whether it’s guests running out of milk or throwing together a last-minute BBQ,” says Rick Gomez, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Target. “It’s all about having some fun with our iconic red Target baskets, while making sure our guests know that with one quick Target run, they’ll find everyday low prices on all their everyday essentials.”

Go ahead, take a peek inside these Target baskets—you just might relate:

First Food

A dad feeds a child sitting in a red high chair

Grandma’s everywhere

A teenage boy grimaces as grandma smiles

Suddenly reminded that you need milk…and maybe a pack or two of Oreos? Time for a TargetRun. Let us know what’s in your basket by commenting below. 

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