Find Your Summer Grilling Style, Then Get It Done with a TargetRun

May 25, 2017 - Article reads in
A grilled burger, hot dog and two cups of soda with patriotic paperware

Ahh, the smoky smell of backyard grills firing up… a sure sign that summer’s (almost) here! Whether your style’s simply winging it or you’re a grill master-in-the-making, Target has everything you need to help you kick off grilling season—and the long weekend—your way. Find your grilling style below and infuse some extra flavor with pro tips from our very own test kitchen team. Then with one quick TargetRun, you’re done.

Below a "Keepin' it class" headline are pics of chips, ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, beef and brats.Whether you’re planning a grad party, gathering at the lake or just having the neighbors over to celebrate the weekend, you can’t go wrong with classic picnic fare. Or, take your grilling game to the next level with these Insta-worthy hot dog hacks.

Pro tip: Like it spicy? Make hot Italian burgers by combining two classics—ground beef and hot Italian sausage—then forming patties. Grill until the meat is thoroughly cooked. For the perfect finishing touch, top with slices of smoky provolone cheese during the last minute of grilling.

Below a "Winging it" headline are pics of beer, two sauces and three jars of pickles.Need a go-to summer snack? Wings to the rescue! Our sauces make it easy to serve crispy, juicy wings, hot off the grill—and we’ve got some unique flavors that take you way beyond basic buffalo sauce. Slice up some carrot and celery sticks, or spice things up with these pickle flavor combos (they’re incredible in Bloody Mary’s, too). Pour your favorite brew, and you’re ready to relax.

Pro tip: Before grilling, season wings with salt and pepper. Once they’re cooked through, toss in a large metal bowl with a mixture of your favorite sauce and melted butter. To show guests you’ve thought of everything, include a basket of wet wipes on the picnic table for keeping fingers clean.

Below a "Grill master" headline are five packages of grab & go grilling meat.You’ve got the perfect grill, all the bells and whistles—and the skills to match. But one thing that’s always in short supply? Time. We’ve got you covered. These Archer Farms grab-and-go packs will have you searing, serving and savoring, fast.

Pro tip: Save time when you cook the sides on the grill too. Add asparagus spears, halved tomatoes, sliced summer squash and even cut fresh peaches. Brush with Italian dressing for easy flavoring. Since they tend to cook through quickly, grill most produce where the heat is less intense, around the edges.

Below an "Umm, what grill?" headline are pics of sparkling water, three boxed appetizers, chips and salsa and two wine cubes.Grilling not your thing? Opt for these deliciously simple appetizers instead. Add a Wine Cube or two, pour chilled cucumber water, and raise a toast to your effortless party-planning prowess.

Pro tip: Make a refreshing wine sparkler by filling a pitcher with wine, sparkling water and fresh fruit like berries and cut melon. Freeze the fruit ahead of time and use in place of ice cubes to keep the drink cool.

So before you kick back and soak up the weekend sun, plan a quick TargetRun. And for summer entertaining savings, from groceries to grills, patio sets and more, check out our weekly ad, Cartwheel and for Memorial Day deals.

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