[VIDEO] Camille Styles and Camila Alves Catch Up In the Kitchen Over Spring Snacks

May 2, 2017 - Article reads in
Camille + Camila Make The Healthiest Snack Food Ever

What do lifestyle expert and entrepreneur Camila Alves and Target’s new entertaining expert Camille Styles have in common? A whole lot, it turns out! Aside from both recently attending Camila and husband Matthew McConaughey’s MJ&M event, sponsored in part by their just keep livin Foundation, the ladies are both mothers of young children, live in Austin, Texas, and have years of experience whipping up creative, healthy snacks for picky eaters. So, we figured what better way to capture the duo in action than to get them together for a healthy snack swap?! Learn how to go from guacamole to broccomole and how to make beet hummus that looks as pretty as it tastes. Camille and Camila have all of that to share—and more!—in the video below:

Camille + Camila Make The Healthiest Snack Food Ever Play

Stay tuned to A Bullseye View for more of Camille’s easy entertaining tips and recipe ideas!

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