Thimblepress Launches a New Collection at Target, Just in Time for Mother’s Day

April 27, 2017 - Article reads in
Presents wrapped in Thimblepress paper and bags

Need a fun Mother’s Day gift to show mom how much she means to you? We’ve got you covered. The Mississippi-based paper, gift and lifestyle brand, Thimblepress just launched an exclusive collection at Target filled with everything from floral wrapping paper and gift bags, to sweet mugs and umbrellas—and it has mom written all over it!

Colorful Thimblepress products

We caught up with Thimblepress founder Kristen Ley to get the scoop on the inspiration behind her designs, her Mother’s Day gift guide and more, below!

What inspired the collection?
The inspiration for this collection was the season of spring itself and the women in my life who are moms or mom-like role models. For the different sayings in the collection, I really thought about what I wanted to tell them—especially my mom and sister (mother to my two amazing nephews!). And with the collection launching in spring, I knew I wanted it to be colorful and full of florals!

What makes this collection perfect for Mother’s Day gift giving?
The floral patterns throughout the collection are so perfect for Mother's Day. When I was younger, my sisters and I would get my mom a floral corsage to wear to church on Mother’s Day so that everyone knew she was a mom and that she was loved by her children. It may sound silly, but it was like her badge of honor! This collection honors that memory and all the hard-working moms out there.

How did you come up with the different prints and patterns?
I studied fresh local flowers and beautiful blooms featured in old books. I then spent hours painting and drawing—trying to execute them in a way that truly made the blooms shine.

Which products are your favorite for Mother’s Day?

  • The stationery! I love that it’s simple yet fun with the gold dots, and the box can be used to hold awesome treasures after the stationery is used up!
  • The recipe cards and box. I was super excited to design this modern version of a classic recipe box. I love the idea that recipe cards from older generations can be kept together and that you can see all the edges of the cards—old and frayed or brand new. I think there is something beautiful in that.
  • The umbrella is a fun, stylish and practical item that everyone needs!

Do you have any pro gift-wrapping tips?
I think a beautifully wrapped gift sets the tone for the present and gives more anticipation to the gift receiver, and wrapping can be easy! Grab a colorful bag, some fun tissue and something to top it off from around your house—like ribbon, washi tape, yarn or twine. At the end of the day, make it fun, but most importantly make it YOU.

Ready to start your Mother’s Day shopping? Peruse a few of the pretty Thimblepress products, below!

Thimblepress is now available for a limited time at Target stores and, with prices ranging from $1.99 to $16.99.

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