Spring Spruce Up: Secrets for Clean, Clutter-free Style

March 13, 2017 - Article reads in
A row of natural cleaning products, including laundry, dish and hand soap, wipes and cleaner

Spring’s right around the corner and we’re already dreaming of fresh air, flowers and sunshine. But first, a little spring cleaning. If you’re looking to jump on the green cleaning trend (natural cleaning products are having a major moment), or just need a little motivation to get started, Target has you covered.

A simple formula—clean, then declutter—can make a huge difference in freshening up your home. So whether you’ve vowed to make your kitchen counter sparkle or bring order to a chaotic playroom, here are some of our favorite spring cleaning and organizing secrets—and a few ways to save some green as you clean.

The Kitchen

Colorful bowls, a wooden tray, a package of dishwasher pods, and bottles of soap and cleaning spray

Whether you’re wiping down countertops, washing up after dinner or scrubbing your hands throughout the day, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day soaps and cleaners are plant-derived, biodegradable and take no mercy on grease and grime. Scents can completely awaken a room, and these leave behind lovely hints of lilac. And if you’d rather just load up the dishwasher, Seventh Generation Dish Packs are another easy, natural option.

The kitchen is a gathering spot, which often means both crumbs and miscellaneous items—from keys to junk mail—land on the counter. Overhaul this area by investing in simple storage solutions and designating certain areas for specific items—a statement tray for unopened mail and a cute ceramic bowl for keys, for example.

The Playroom

A striped storage bin, disinfectant spray and wipes and a pink-hued rope basket

Clean: Wipe down this room regularly—the kids’ rec room is also a playroom for germs—with Method Bamboo All Purpose Cleaner or Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wet Wipes. The wipes can be used around kids, food and pets. That’s a win, win, win.

Toy. Trinkets. Teddy bears. The playroom is an obvious place where organization can go a long way—and there are plenty of sophisticated storage options. Try Pillowfort’s coil rope bin or striped storage bin to complement the theme of the room.

The Bathroom

A wooden lantern, bathroom cleaner, woven basket and blue towel

Clean: A spotless bathroom makes for a clean canvas. Method bathroom cleaner will make your tub, toilet and countertops shine, so your guests can focus on the spa-like space instead of dirt.

De-clutter: Some people forget to put TLC into the bathroom décor. It should be an organized airy oasis—a place where you can shut the door, soak in the tub and really relax. Pamper your space (and yourself!) with extra plush towels rolled up in wicker baskets and light candles inside wooden lanterns.

The Laundry Room

Two hampers and two bottles of natural laundry detergent

Clean: For a truly clean feeling, there’s nothing like freshly washed towels and sheets. For a hint of ginger and mango, try Method detergent—a little goes a long way. Or, for sensitive skin and noses, Seventh Generation’s free and clear detergent is a perfect choice.

De-clutter: Laundry can pile up quickly without good storage options. Try using different wicker and canvas hampers for each member of your family. These act as stylish catch-alls for dirty clothes until you’re ready for laundry day.

Sweep, scrub and spritz your way to a clean, clutter-free Spring at Target and Target.com. And save some extra green—this week, save 20% on Method, Mrs. Meyer’s, Seventh Generation and Green Works laundry care. Also buy one, get one 25% on Method, Mrs. Meyer’s. Seventh Generation, J.R. Watkins and Green Works cleaning, dish and hand soaps.

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