VIDEO: Target’s Data Science Team Grows Through Acquihires

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A collage of images from the Acquihire office

Target is making a big push to add top tech talent, from software engineers to data scientists. That’s why Target’s data and analytics team has spent the last couple years quietly acquihiring tech companies—a practice common in Silicon Valley, where larger companies acquire small companies to obtain their technology and, essentially, hire on their leadership and teams.

When asked what Target gets out of acquihires, Paritosh Desai, Target SVP, responds “It’s predominantly talent, technology and the cultural fit that goes with it. Acquihires allow us to accelerate both onboarding the right kind of talent, onboarding the right kind of technologies and getting to market much faster.”

Target has made four acquihires to date, securing talent and technology from startups Zettata, Powered AnalyticsAKUDA Labs and Kvantum. (In some of these cases, Target acquired just part of the company. With Kvantum, for instance, the portion Target didn’t acquire remains an ongoing business.)

Target’s four acquihires have brought in about 25 new team members, helping Target grow its ranks from Silicon Valley to Pittsburgh. Each of these teams has already made an impact, serving Target guests through open-source technologies, groundbreaking algorithms, high-speed computer processing and more.

Paritosh and others on his team share more about Target’s four acquihires here:

Acquihiring Video Play

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