We ❤ These Sweet Valentine’s Gifts: Our Experts Reveal Their Top Picks

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That romantic notion of Cupid playing match-maker? It’s cute, but we’re betting you have a long list of special people who deserve a little extra love this Valentine’s Day. So we rounded up some of our favorite experts to get the scoop on swoon-worthy gifts for all kinds of Valentine’s, from kiddos, furry friends and gal-entines, to sweethearts and more.
Designer and blogger Joy Cho's picks: bubbles, coffee, a pet bed, shampoo set and golden face planterWhat does Valentine’s Day mean to you? Any big plans to celebrate?
Valentine’s Day is about those you love—family, friends, co-workers, and anyone that you just want to reiterate that they are special to you! My husband and I used to do typical date nights out for Valentine’s Day but now that we have two kids, we like celebrating together since they are all my Valentines.

Tell us about the perfect gift for…

  • The kids’ classroom buddies
    This year, we’re getting small bottles of bubbles and wrapping with a custom message.
  • A furry friend
    A toy and heart-shaped pet bed from the new Oh Joy for Target pet collection (coming Feb. 12)!
  • The gal-entines in your life
    I’d give a set of Kristin Ess’ new shampoo and conditioner (as a reference to being too busy washing your hair to go out on the town) inside an Oh Joy Lady Planter which holds the two pieces perfectly!
  • Your other half
    For me, Valentine’s Day is usually about indulging in special sweets and treats. Since my husband isn’t much of a candy guy, I’d get home some good coffee and a fun mug for the mornings.

PIXI by Petra founder Petra Strand's picks: Batman LEGO set, earrings, XOXO infant outfit, and canister of Milk Bone treatsWhat’s your fave Valentine’s tradition?
My sisters and I exchange earrings with one another each Valentine’s Day.  It’s just a sweet reminder that we’re thinking about each other. I LOVE the color of the SUGARFIX by BaubleBar Beaded Tassel Earrings.

Tell us about the perfect gift for…

  • Your favorite kiddos
    Not only is it adorable to dress girls in matching tops and bottoms, it makes my shopping fast and effective. With this in mind, the Cat & Jack Coral Ruffle Set is absolutely charming and I would definitely dress my kids in that for Valentine’s Day. For my 10-year-old, I would get something educational, something you have to build or put together. LEGO® definitely comes to mind! It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.
  • A beloved pet
    You know dogs, they are always looking for a treat! My black lab is always stealing scraps of leftover food, so she would certainly be a fan of the Milk-Bone Valentine’s Canister.
  • Your sweetheart
    For my husband, I don’t typically buy anything. Instead, I’ll hire a babysitter, make a reservation at a nice restaurant and have a romantic evening of catching up and talking!

BaubleBar co-founder Amy Jain's picks: Mickey Mouse waffle maker, earrings and "Where is Baby's Valentine" bookValentine’s Day is the best excuse to…
Can I let you in on a little secret? I am a hugger. I mean a really big hugger. To me, Valentine’s Day is the greatest excuse to hug with abandon.

Does the day hold any special memories?
I have such vivid memories of waking up to the smell of my Mom’s elaborate baking every Valentine’s Day—it’s a tradition I’m excited to bring to my home for my family.

Tell us about the perfect gift for…

  • A sweet little one
    My 15-month old daughter Chloe loves flipbooks, so can’t wait to surprise her with this one.
  • Those BFFs you can’t live without
    The SUGARFIX by BaubleBar tassel earrings are a wardrobe must-have—I’m excited to gift these to my girlfriends this year.
  • Your personal chef
    My husband is an amazing chef (lucky me, right?) and really enjoys cooking for Chloe. I thought this Mickey Mouse waffle maker would be a fun weekend brunch activity for them.

BaubleBar co-founder Daniella Yacobvksy's picks: unicorn and hot dog kits, choker necklace, dog sweater, white mug, and "Llama llama I Love You" bookWe’ve heard you have a non-traditional Valentine’s Day tradition!
Valentine’s Day is actually my dad’s birthday! So to me, the day means uncomfortably sitting in a fancy restaurant with your family while surrounded by couples having a romantic evening. I kid! In all honesty, I’ve always loved the overlap because the day is about celebrating family and an opportunity to spread joy and love (not to mention eat chocolate).

What’s the game plan this year?
I am a bit of a last minute planner when it comes to things like this, so restaurants are out of the question for me. My boyfriend and I really love to cook together since we went plant-based last year. We’ll be cooking up a storm, opening lots of wine and calling my dad, of course. 

Tell us about the perfect gift for…

  • A budding organizer
    The Valentine’s Day Mailbox Decorating Kits are sort of perfect. While everyone else is giving Valentines, be the person that gives the gift that organizes and collects the Valentine’s. Brilliant!
  • Your mini-me
    My niece, Reese, loves to read so I’m getting her a copy of Llama llama I love you. Even though she’s my sister’s daughter, she reminds everyone of a young Daniella. Since young Daniella was obsessed with llamas (and known to chase them and attempt to ride them at petting zoos), this felt like the obvious call.
  • An honorary family member
    My brother and sister-in-law have an amazing dog, Bowser, who I consider my child by extension. Because there is nothing (and I mean, nothing) cuter than a pup all dressed up, I am getting him the XOXO Pet Sweater in pink.
  • That co-worker or friend who saved the day
    Every girl needs a killer necklace to upgrade every outfit. I love the SUGARFIX By BaubleBar Braided Tassel Choker Necklace. It’s a really easy day-to-night piece she is sure to love, no matter her style.
  • The one who’s just your cup of tea 
    My boyfriend Jeff has recently really taken to making Matcha tea at home. Unfortunately, we don’t have any glassware to accommodate a tall piping hot beverage. I’m getting him a set of the All Over Beaded Mugs from Threshold (shhh! Don’t tell him…it’s a surprise).

Target partner Barbara Bermudo's picks: XOXO infant outfit, Trolls toy set, candle, Our Generation doll, and puppy bandanasWhat’s your top priority when Valentine’s Day rolls around?
It's a day for me to show the people in my life who I really care about, just how much I love them. It’s not about expensive dinners—it’s a thought that I’m lucky to have some pretty special people in my life.

Tell us about the perfect gift for…

  • Your girls’ classroom Valentine’s exchange
    Our daughters share simple cards with their classes. We decorate a shoe box with red or pink paper and stickers and leave the lid unsealed for them to share the cards. Every student has the same assignment and they really enjoy this special time together, sharing their pure love.
  • Your cutie pies
    We loved the Trolls movie and all kids seem to be into Trolls. So the Trolls True Colors Set makes a great gift for any kid. As for my girls, Shopkins are Mia’s passion—she can never have enough. Camila loves dolls and very much enjoys pretend play time, so this Our Generation set is perfect. And I’m all about dressing baby Sofia up. She’ll be my cutie pie in this Cat & Jack outfit.
  • Style-obsessed pets
    My pets Coqui and Peluche love to be dressed up, so these Valentine’s bandanas will be just perfect!
  • Mr. Romance
    The love of my life, Mario, loves candles so this Nate Berkus amber candle is the perfect romantic detail.

Target Home style expert Emily Henderson's picks: Love balloons, trinket dishes, dog toy, dog dish and facial masksValentine’s Day is the best excuse to…
Do something nice! Write a card, create a photo album or cut together a video of our kids from the past year. Brian normally gives me one big video for Christmas, but because we were in the process of moving and everyone was sick at that time, he was behind. I’m very excited to get my video on Valentine’s Day this year!

Sounds like a movie night is in order. Any other plans to celebrate?
I think we’ll take the kids out to an early dinner—babysitters are hard to get on Valentine’s Day. Besides, those kids really are our true loves so we’ll “celebrate” together. 

Tell us about the perfect gift for…

  • Bringing smiles to all the kids’ faces at school
    A small teddy bear paired with some candy is perfect! After Valentine’s Day is over and all of the candy has been eaten, the kids will still have the teddy bear.
  • Your little loves
    Balloons and a teddy bear—that’s all kids really need! Balloons that spell out “love” are super cute, like Target’s Spritz Valentine's Day Love Balloon or the Hortense B. Hewitt Love Balloon Kit.
  • Fido
    I love this Metallic "XO" Rope and anything from my friend Joy Cho’s new pet line at Target (coming Feb. 12). The toys and dog bed are so cute!
  • Those hard-to-buy for girlfriends
    Trinket dishes are functional desk and household accessories that are so easy to gift. The “Keeper” and Heart-Shaped Trinket Dishes are two of my favorites.
  • Helping your Valentine relax
    Anything spa-related that will give your Valentine some relaxation time. That’s what I want, at least!

Target Stylist Zanna Roberts Rassi's picks: Reese's candy, a pink mug, a "Perfect man" chocolate set, tutu outfit set, cat house, love notes, cookie mix and wine openerWhat does Valentine’s Day mean to you?
My parents got married on Valentine’s Day 47 years ago in the U.K.! So the first people I think about are them. Then, it means chocolate. I’m not kidding. I have a sweet tooth and this day is my free-for-all!

Do you have any fun traditions or big plans to celebrate?
Valentine’s Day always falls slap-bang during fashion week! Which means I’m working. Lots! Luckily my husband and I are both in the industry so we usually slip off from whatever party we are at for a low key dinner, usually at our favorite Italian place.

Tell us about the perfect gift for...

  • Avoiding a sugar crash
    Valentines don’t always have to be candy! I love these sweet cake erasers, festive bubbles, and emoji gel clings for a classroom exchange.
  • Little love bugs
    Who wouldn’t love candy and toys? Go for the pink Reese’s for a festive take on a favorite. A Batman LEGO® or Trolls set or adorable tutu or onesie would also be great gifts!
  • Pretty paws
    Because your pets deserve love too! These colorful Milk-Bones, bandanas and cat scratch house are must-haves. Instagram photos optional.
  • Gal-entines and coffee lovers
    Beauty masks and “The Perfect Man” make for a pretty perfect Gal-entine’s party. A pink mug is a practical and festive gift for that work buddy who LIVES for coffee.
  • A last-minute “forgot to make reservations” plan
    So, you forgot to make a dinner reservation weeks in advance…don’t fret. Wine, cookies and love notes is Valentine’s done right.

For everything you need to make Valentine’s Day extra-sweet for all the loves of your life, swing by Target or Target.com.

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